Thursday, 29 April 2010

Piercing update: All healed!

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I was asked this morning how my piercings are getting on, as I haven't mentioned them recently! Well it is true I have been rather distracted thanks to being quite busy lately, a few of you may have noticed.

Family life, parents possibly getting back together, my son having events at school, general life and chores.

More sexily, having much slippery tingly fun with my hoard of sex toys, candles, lubes and other kinky items!

My piercings are doing very well indeed. Seem to have healed nicely now, with some rather unnerving but at the same time nice sensations as the metal bars move through the holes.

Sometimes I forget, which can cause some discomfort. For instance, I must sleep on my stomach, so any wriggling in the night can pull on the navel bar. Also I have to be careful in tight jeans or the way I tend to quickly move in my chair sometimes so I don't tug the clit hood bar too much the wrong way... can be slightly ouchy.

All in all, they are gorgeous though and I love them.

The sexiest piercing is obviously the vertical clit hood one. This moves freely through the piercing now, so I can feel the metal there constantly as a reminder of my sex. Any urgent need to orgasm is only heightened by the metal touching and stroking on my erect clit as I walk or sit. Drives me deliciously insane... *smiles*

I have been able to play lately, which is a very good job seeing as I have a mountain of dildos! Ok not just dildos, but many other things. I just like the term Mountain of Dildos (new version of the MoD perhaps?)!

Cannot wait until I can shop and fit some new sparkly bits (jewellery, people! pay attention), I'm not exactly bored of these yet but a girl does like variety. I have seen a beautiful fairy navel piece (as shown in the picture above) and some very intriguing shapes & spirals for the clit.

Maybe I will take some pictures... if there is enough call in the comments below! Let me know what you want to see, why and when. I'll seriously consider all requests!

Until next time, stay sexy blog angels!



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  1. Another lovely update! Your blogs always brighten my day! Thank You.


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