Thursday, 15 April 2010

Piercing update: Healing Throbbingly

My navel piercing is healing fine... but my vertical clit hood piercing? Healing worse than ever.

Not that it is painful in any way... what I mean is that it is healing beautifully, throbbingly, sexually frustratingly well!

The bar moves through the hood now and as the end rubs against my clit whilst sat or walking. I'm left as a melted puddle of sexual despair.

Therefore, I can't think much past my next orgasm.

I'm putting out a desperate plea to all sexy ladies out there: please, no torment! I don't think I could bear any teasing right now!

Not unless you want me bursting all over your face and down your throat.

*cries & leaks*

Damn, now I've started off my dacryphilia fetish!



  1. Aww poor you, such a shame that I've been thinking about you and you don't want me to tell you......

    Would really enjoyed saying how I would want to slowly undress you, gently grazing you skin with my hands before laying you down and kissing you all over. Taking my time as I reach your breasts and taking your nipple in my mouth. Moving further towards your sweet nectar, teasing and tempting you till your begging me to taste you....mmm

    Dirty Girl

  2. I would be begging.. as soon as I could form words with my suddenly dry, needing to be filled with you, mouth. The words would tumble out, one after the other, and my lips would resent every passing second that you weren't on them...

    My hips would be rising of their own accord in their need to meet with your body, my wanton desperate sex demanding the touch and attention of your expert mouth.

    My breasts almost aflame with passion, my hands straining to reach up and take the burning need from my hard nipples with a pinch, but you restrain me, your hands pinning me down by my wrists as you continue your perverted plans for my willing body...


  3. No ladies? Perfect! Meet me in chat a little later ;)

  4. I kneel without a word spoken, just a pair of dark honey eyes looking up into Mistress's face, while my two dark graceful hands spread Her thighs apart, and my plump soft scarlet-colored lips press along the insides, alternating from left to right and back again, describing a hopscotch trail of kisses to Her divine sex. My soft and teased dark hair presses against Her thighs, yet more sensation for Mistress, and a signal that I am in Her control, as She can squeeze my head between Her legs so easily, and can tangle Her fingers in the afro to control my movements.

    My lips part and my tongue flicks out to taste Mistress's sweet lovely petals, down low and to each side, the tip flicking into the soft crevasse between, and then up... before describing a feather-light circle around the swollen little pearl and the metal bar piercing atop it. The tongue flicks across the metal once... twice... and then a third time, before my lips close and I suckle gently, slowly, while my hands hold Mistress by the waist.

    She has bejeweled Herself with this ornament. It is only fitting that I worship it, and Her, properly, for as long as She wishes.

  5. *shivers* I absolutely adore that... thank you so much...

    I want you holding me by the waist! Desperate to feel the touch of your mouth caressing and tenderly attending to my new jewel...

    Shivering, shuddering, hands clenched into balled fists of need and my breaths rapid and shallow as I fight the overwhelming urge to climax then and there...



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