Friday, 16 April 2010

Xcite Books Review - Adventures of a London Call Boy

This entertaining read details the hedonistic adventures of a young man in London who thoroughly enjoys sex. Deciding to combine his love of the sexual act with women and his lack of finances, he embarks upon a trail of saucy naughtiness which will leave you horny, empathising, giggling and breathless for the next encounter.

I did not think I would enjoy this book as much as I did; perhaps because of the reputation of gigolos and the like. Male prostitution is not only rare but still a novel taboo in our culture, for it to be tackled head on in this book shows a courage and a flair for the creative.
Our bed bouncing buccaneer may earn a living by giving sexual favours but there is an element of respect for the women he meets, a desire to at least sexually fulfil and please them. The women are rightfully given full and rounded characters, all aware of his role and purpose and instead of being desperate creatures they are instead voracious sexual beings, attractive, seductive.

In giving the main character a female 'best friend', the author very cleverly widens the book even further to a female audience. Perhaps without this side-kick element the book would have been better off on the males-only erotic fiction shelf.

The story is anecdotal yet pacy, exciting and raunchy all at once. The fly on the wall detail leaves you feeling positively voyeuristic, in simply the best way. In places you do wonder whether this really can all be pure fiction, as the narrative reads like an autobiography, keeping you even closer in touch with the character's feelings and emotions through his journey.

For a red hot alternative to the traditional female led erotic fiction novels, you need look no further than Adventures of a London Call Boy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, much to my surprise, and I feel that it has great appeal to any man or woman seeking a saucy Summer read.

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Enjoy your hot and raunchy erotic fiction!

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