Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cover Me in Dildos and Feed Me to the Lesbians

Well... what is a girl to do with herself! If you speak with me regularly, through Twitter and Facebook updates, you will know I have been intensely busy recently.

The ballet last Thursday night was amazing. I was taken to see Swan Lake at a nearby village. The dancers so petite and beautiful, the performance was as mesmerising and hypnotic as it was stunningly athletic and breathtaking in talent.

To give you an update, I'm here surrounded by sex toys (save me from the dildos!) from a recent spree to try and and report back to all you lovely people on how they work, which gave the best orgasms, which were not so good.

Yes, it's a tough life being forced to orgasm several times daily, but I guess someone has to do it!

My gorgeous man has his share of toys to try out too, including some from the fabulous Tenga range...

so he is feeling like a very spoilt boy indeed!

As for me, I simply cannot wait to let you know how much I am enjoying my new Lelo Mona and Lelo Mia, as well as my vibrantly red Rock Chick, Dual Vibrating Flexi Dong, the Mantric Miyakodori remote bullet and a kinky whipspanker or two!

My gorgeous blogging and sex toy friend known as 'Puppies' (her blog found here) today sent me a divine little piece of lingerie by Seven til Midnight, the Ribbon Back Mesh and Lace Boy Shorts in red. My favourite! Now to lure her here to tear them off with her teeth ... I have been promised a clink of metal after hearing she has a pierced tongue ... delightful sensations to dream about!

After a new delivery this morning, the Female Random Grab Bag from LoveHoney, I really do have my work cut out! Glass dildo set, silicone waterproof rabbit, a handheld arouser similar to this and an extra HUGE dildo tops off the collection nicely (for now!)

I actually already have the extra thick dildo so I am sending to a friend. My gorgeous blogging friend Ms Diamonds also received an unwanted item in hers so will soon be sending me something else to add to my collection! You can check out her blog here.

There's a new girl who has caught my eye... does something to me... that's all I can say for now though! Let's hope it works out so that I can fill you in with more saucy sapphic tales.

That just about tops the update... I'm off to read some of my new erotic fiction and await my gorgeous man in a cherry scented bedroom...

Until next time, stay sexy, blog angels!



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