Friday, 30 April 2010

The Miyakodori Remote Control Bullet Vibrator - Review

The Miyakodori Remote Control Bullet Vibrator has been a sex toy I have wanted ever since I read about it in Dirty Little Secret, a wonderfully erotic short story by the famously fabulous Carly Drew.

Imagine my delight when I was selected to test this toy for Wicked Tickles!

They also very kindly and thoughtfully sent me a free sample of ID Glide lube (original), part of the delicious ID Glide lube range, all available from the delectable people at

I received the Miyakodori in a deep red colour, my favourite. The wired bullet plugs in via a small jack to the main power unit, which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, has a belt clip and takes three AAA batteries. On the top there is an on/off slide button and a red LED power indicator. On the face of this unit there are two buttons labelled ‘down’ and ‘up’, with the description ‘functions’ underneath.

The keyring style remote control requires one 12v battery (easily & cheaply obtainable from Ebay, if you cannot find them in the shops). It has one central control button and a side slide bar which you can turn on and off. When the unit is on, a red LED (like the one on the main unit above) is lit under the main function button on the face.

I was so excited to try this, I had heard rave reviews about this toy and was keen to get going (so to speak)! Waiting until my partner was at home was going to be a challenge, I had quickly tested the power of the settings with the bullet just in my hand and I could tell by comparing it to past experiences that this was a powerful toy indeed.

When I finally was able to play, I clipped the main unit to the waist band of my jeans and slipped the bullet where I could feel it best... while I had the keyring operating unit in hand. I made sure both units were switched to the ‘on’ setting so that the LED indicators were showing.

My partner grinned as I nodded to get him to begin. He scrolled through the options by pressing the button on the small fob.

We found that there are 6 functions in total:

  • Constant vibration (low)

  • Constant vibration (low to medium can’t tell much difference from the first!)

  • Constant vibration (high!)

  • Short constant pulses (dash dash dash mode)

  • Two shorter then one long (dot dot dash mode)

  • Gradual increase to the maximum vibration, then stop and repeat
I found the lower vibrations to be fine, amusing but fine. The high vibration as well as the short constant pulsing were amazing! This bullet vibrates so strongly, as much as the renowned Supersex bullet.

In no time at all I was begging to be allowed release... literally less than two minutes! My VCH piercing may have helped that fact ;)

For public play, I would be cautious about using it, unless I were in a noisy environment such as a club. If you are somewhere serene and tranquil, this will be heard by those with average or above hearing! Nothing outrageously loud, but still. A low buzzing noise emanating from your nether regions will be sure to attract attention...

Personally with my piercing I have a tendency to rattle with clit stimulating toys now, which I find highly amusing!

Despite my tendency not to like wired toys due to their fragility in the past, I feel that this toy is built to last. I especially like the belt hook and the keyring fob feature, built with actual people, couples, in mind. The batteries are easy to fit by way of slide and click battery compartments.

You can also operate the bullet without the accompanying keyring fob, just as a stand alone sex toy unit. You merely slide the power button to on and you can scroll through the settings by pressing the buttons on the face as detailed above. If you wish to shut off the power to the bullet you simply slide the power button to off and it shuts off the vibrations, regardless of which setting you are on.

One more note to point out is that you cannot stop the vibrations mid cycle from the key ring fob. So the holder of the keyring controller can only scroll through the 6 options to get to the ‘off’ mode, switching off the key ring fob alone will not stop the vibrations in the power unit.

Your partner has to therefore ask you which mode you are on, and when the vibrations have stopped. The remote holder has the power to scroll through the vibrating options but has no knowledge of which mode they are on. Or if they are still on, or off!

This is just a small note though and does not detract from the toy. For either couples or solo play this is a great idea and sex toy and I will definitely be using it often!

Buy your Miyakodori Remote Vibrating Bullet today from Wicked Tickles !

Alternatively LoveHoney also stock this item, you can find it here!

Have fun and play very naughtily!


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