Saturday, 3 April 2010

Perverted Piercing Plans

Last night I finally made the firm decision to get a couple of piercings done, which I had been mulling over for some time.

My friend Mike has recently had both his nipples pierced and I feel this has helped ease any fears I had regarding the piercing process. Also it helps that the piercing ladies are HOT. Grin.

So... where am I getting pierced, I hear you ask! Well my navel for starters. A nice little glistening jewel in my belly button. Red of course, my favourite colour.

Secondly I want to get my clit pierced. I sense winces from my female audience! I will expand.

There are three kinds of clit piercings, a fact I was not previously aware of:
  • Through the clit piercing (ouch)
  • Horizontal clitoral hood piercing
  • Vertical clitoral hood piercing
The easiest and least painful of these, I have read, is the vertical clitoral hood piercing. This is the one I'm getting! Not just because of the pain of other options, but because where the bar will begin and end in me, will hopefully lead to tingling arousal whilst moving about.

Some fun times to be had in the future! Healing times are between 4-6 weeks so I'll be all pierced up ready for summer.

Also bearing in mind that I will be atttending Erotica in London in November, who knows which lucky lady will be offered the chance to get up close and personal with my new decorations!

Planning to get these piercings done within the next two weeks so I will keep you updated on my progress!

Until next time, stay sexy, blog angels



  1. I wouldn't mind the horizontal hood peircing....good luck hun xxx

  2. Thanks... I like the idea of the metal being against my clit... but yes horizontal could be good if I were to be ringed ;) x

  3. I've just enquired about some nipple piercings for myself :D x


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