Monday, 5 April 2010

To Catch an Orgasm

Well I am enjoying a lovely holiday weekend. Eaten far too much chocolate but never mind. Monday morning and yes, it is still a holiday but a fresh start. Summer beckons as do scary body revealing garments (ahoy bikini!) therefore I really must desist this habit of emptying the entire contents of the kitchen into my stomach every weekend! *sigh*

I had a lovely surprise on Saturday night. To give you some background, I have suffered with a terrible affliction for about 7 or 8 years now. I'm addicted to sex toys. In particular, my Tracey Cox Supersex bullet and whichever butt plug and vibrator happen to be around at the time.

An orgasm has been simply impossible without the vibrations of these addictive little novelties. Whenever I would be at a certain point either during self stimulation or sex, there would come an interruption of, "Oh I'm sorry darling would you pass me my bag of tricks, I simply must have my bullet". Hardly normal or complimentary. I'm sure my man felt slightly useless, not being able to complete my pleasure by himself.

It's my own fault though. It all started with purchasing a rabbit vibe at Ann Summers all those years ago and ever since, I've been hooked on sex toys.

Now sex toys are wonderful, but I would love them to merely be an addition to a full sex sex and functioning body parts, not a replacement or a need.

Back to Saturday. I had been teased all day (you know who you are, meanie) and was feeling tingly and excited as it was. I simply had to orgasm, but wanted to hold off as long as possible. My underwear had been soaking since lunchtime and they were the third pair that day.

Off to bed I went and feeling slightly naughty, I wanted to be filled. I inserted a dildo plug into my arse and a large dildo up my sopping wet, hungry pussy and wore some tight knickers over the top. Writhing in bed, I was just getting wetter and wetter, as my filled holes were crying out for an orgasm.

My clit was engorged, throbbing, screaming at me to be touched, rubbed, flicked.

My pussy was contracting around the dildo and I was feeling such a filled, fucked whore. Filthy slut, sleeping filled like this.

Squeezing some lube onto my fingers, I could take no more. They made their way into my knickers and brushed the wetness over my already slippery smooth folds and sensitive clit.. it howled.

Bringing my fingers to and fro across it, with light strokes, I could feel my legs trembling as I spread them like an eager, wanton harlot. I needed this. I could sense my orgasm building.

Trying not to get ahead of myself I concentrated on the feelings, the sensations. Which speeds felt good and where to press, where to lightly brush over and where to mash my sodden fingers into.

With a piercing explosion of light, the orgasm shattered my world. My hips rose off the bed and my muscles contracted around both dildos, feeling them intensely penetrating me, fucking me like the needy vixen I am.

My clit leaped and danced under my pressed in, happy little fingers.

I'd done it! I'd finally cum without my bullet or any vibrations! So, so happy.

I'll be continuing my training this week... to help with this I've obviously had to buy a couple of dildos to celebrate with *blush* You can see them here and here.

Last night during sex with my gorgeous man I tried again but it just didn't work, perhaps I felt rushed or shy. I didn't resort to reaching for my bullet as I usually would have, I simply enjoyed the sex with him and was content to try again at a later time.

If I need to be thoroughly wound up and teased in order to have a natural orgasm, then I will simply have to get to that point again.

Watch this space for updates on my clit & pussy training! Once I've mastered (Mistress-ed?) the art of a natural clit orgasm I'll be working on penetrative orgasms.

I'm sure this little treat during the day will help to get me nice and excited!

My sex life can only get better and better!

Until next time, stay sexy, blog angels



  1. Sounds soooo delicious, Mistress.

    This one is happy for You.

  2. Thank you! Yes it was rather delicious. Mmm xxx

  3. I hope you're training continues Mistress, I can't wait to read more! Jx


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