Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Poem - Immortal Love

They say the universe is expanding but that's because of my love for you
You are the purpose of my life; aim, ambition and goal
For you I would steal the sun
and present it to you on a plate of stars
We would drink fresh dew from a chalice of sky
Sculpted by my mortal hands and topped with pure quintessence
which we would sip through lightning straws.
Yet I would give up these things of the cosmos
If I could only once more gaze into your diamond eyes
Shimmering with spectrum colours
Tinted with love, patience, compassion and hope.
If I could I would sacrifice my hopeless life
To testament your beauty and eternal youth.
Oh fountain of my heart
We share such pain because we share such love
The world is waiting for me to gift wrap it for you
The stars of heaven wait for me
To conduct their orchestrated ballet which I would choreograph
For you and your memory.
My heart only longs to embrace you once again.




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