Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Xcite Books Review - The Greed Jar

The Greed Jar (short story)

I recently received this short story PDF eBook to review from my gorgeous friends at Xcite.

Xcite eBooks are available as PDF downloads that can be read on your computer, phone or any eBook reader.

I will be reviewing a few other stories in the coming days too, so that you can hear what I liked about them and what I didn't before making your decisions on which to purchase!

This story takes the tone of a myth or legend, brought into the present day.

Starting off as quite innocent fiction, you are soon drawn into a surprising world of rampant sex and voracious libido.

The plot line is well written, giving the characters history and a personality outside of the realm of sex, so that you have a better context for the emotions during the torrid and frenetic passionate moments.

I would recommend this story to all as a delightful little afternoon pick me up with  cup of tea and a clit vibe or two!

Go and purchase The Greed Jar (PDF eBook) now for only 99p! You can download it instantly after payment and all major cards (plus paypal!!) are accepted.

Have fun and enjoy!

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