Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sexy Lingerie! Seven til Midnight Uptown Lace Body

Seven til Midnight Uptown Lace Body

I've been wanting to feature this gorgeous item of lingerie for a while now, as it's simply so sexy and seductive.

LoveHoney offer this lace and ribbon treat in either black or red. Being a red fetishist, it simply had to be the latter!

I'm a UK size 8-10 and you can see the fit of the gorgeous lace over my curves in the pictures. The item description states that the body is 'one size' and gives a range of UK 8-16. However I feel that if you are a size 14-16 then this item wouldn't be for you.

The bum on this is smaller than I'm used to, maybe this is just a sign I should cut out the takeaways and burn off some of those Easter Eggs!

This said, I find the body easy to fit and wear, I can do up the laces at the back by myself (good when you're surprising a lover ;) ) and the neck fastens with a single popper stud fastening.

Your lover will have no problem and indeed will not be able to resist practically tearing this from your body to get at you!

The cut away sides heighten the feminine silhouette, creating curves you didn't know you had. I have worn this body under clothes but be aware that there is no popper fasten at the crotch area, so if you do need the loo, you will have to be an expert in removing and refastening this body first! Mind you, I never really had it on long enough for this to be a problem...

A little sparkle buckle between the breasts draws your lover's eyes to where you want them... the icing on the lingerie cake.

You can purchase your Seven til Midnight Body from LoveHoney now in either this delicious red, or ever popular black... and thrill a lover in your boudoir, just as I plan to do tonight!

Until next time, stay sexy, blog angels!




  1. Wow - Mistress and I agree that you look totally hot in that! Mistress is going to order one for herself having now seen it!


  2. Aw thank you honey,that's lovely. I'm sure your Mistress will love it as much as I do. Make sure you order through my links above! :D

    Thanks for the feedback and positive comment, nice to know people out there enjoy my blogging efforts! :D xxxxx

  3. *technot puts his hand up*

    Please excuse my stupidness Mistress Cara, but do you get something then if Mistress orders through your links? How does that work?

  4. Click through any links or banners/clickable boxes etc on my blog and I get a percentage cut of sales, I'm an affiliate for these companies and its commission based :D xxxxxxx

  5. I must have this piece, its gorgeous and you look amazing in it :)

  6. Thanks - better snap it up soon, I have other products I'm waiting to blog about but they're out of stock! I have the best taste! Lol x


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