Monday, 18 April 2011

Chocolate Love - Part One

He took me that night, to some fantastical chocolate place and I don’t mean from a Roald Dahl book. I love food and I love sex. Combine the two for the kinkiest, sexiest, most perverted sex. I adore it. Having admitted this fact to him, he obviously wanted to take full advantage. I love when he takes full advantage of me. Anyway. I’m not sure if we covered the After Eights occasion that happened a few months ago...?

They were left upon the side after an evening. Everyone had gone upstairs and we were left embracing on the sofa in the lounge. Talk turned to teasing turned to fondling... turned to glances by him to the After Eights and a really naughty twinkle in his eye... I gulped. He smiled wider. Pushing my head down to suck him (I love when he does that, hand either firmly in my hair or grasping my pony tail if I’ve made one and really shoving me down), he moaned contentedly as I took him into my mouth. Turning me round half way so I was in 69 position... sucking him, my pussy over his face. From where he was he could reach the table beside us...

Suddenly, I feel cold, smooth, SOMEthing entering me. Being pushed slowly into me. My lips being peeled apart, me still with his cock deep in my mouth, holding his base with one hand and devouring him, moaning at the intrusion of this alien object. Wait a minute... cool, smooth, but flat – entering sideways, like some disc being slotted into a drive – it’s an After Eight! One.. then two... then three... melting, I could feel them melting already. The one rammed up against my cervix feeling hot and sticky. He pulled me off his cock with an audible ‘pop’, and slipped out from under me. This left me on all fours on the sofa with him behind, hastily removing the rest of his clothing.

I so hoped I wasn’t going to leak melted minty chocolate all over the furniture.... No chance. His tip was pressing at my entrance, spreading me ready... then with a swift final draw back out, making sure the way is clear, plunging all the way into me so hard, so forcefully – my edible flat square chocolate contents were crushed in a crescendo of perverted sploshing goodness, my pussy filled with cock and half melted, half segmented chocolate and mint cream. The sinful taste of his actions made him cum heavily into me when he was ready, hips violently thrusting into me, leaving me nothing more than an abused rag doll for him to soil and violate.

You may think that’s the end of it – oh no. Not for him. There is always a surprise. Shoving my clothes underneath me (in case of spills), he pushes me down onto my knees on the floor next to the sofa... conveniently between his legs. I am presented with a chocolate and cum-coated cock just centimetres from my face. He doesn’t even need to say anything, just meets my eyes with an expectant and knowing firm look, when I raise my eyes from his cock to his face. I dare not waste any time... or anything else for that matter.

Hungrily I latch onto him with my mouth, taking in every droplet of minty chocolate goodness all intermingled with his cum, licking down his shaft and over his balls, cleaning thoroughly with my mouth like a good little girl. Carrying on even when he is glistening in clean skin tones again. Sucking harder, firmer, not just cleaning anymore. Feeling him harden completely again, pulsing in my mouth. Until he cums a fountain for a second time deep down my throat, his tip actually lodged in my tonsils so his cum jettisons down my neck and warms my stomach almost immediately.

So that was the After Eights episode. Fuck, I love chocolate. I’m hungry again already. 

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