Monday, 11 April 2011


I want to be made to strip bare, and crawl naked to you on dirty knees, scraped bruised legs from the abuse you’ve doled out to me, bottom red from the spankings. I want mascara streaked down my dirty face, the face I am going to beg you to fuck hard with your cock. 

Desperate to taste it as I crawl between the cradling embrace of your warm thighs, your hand approving on my head, your fingers tangling in my hair. Dragging me towards where you are sat, with disregard, positioning your cock so close to my mouth, my tongue dares not outstretch for I know that to touch without permission is to then not be able to touch at all. 

The scent of your cock filling me and driving me insane with a carnal lust. The lust and passion fills me, leaks out of me slowly, making my lips glisten at the apex of my thighs, beads of juice leaking from me slowly to betray my arousal, my urgent need for you. 

When you are ready you allow your cock to touch my lips, my cue to open my mouth slowly, my lips rubbing over your tip, taking you in slowly, wetly, my tongue welcoming you so eagerly. Sliding my tongue all round your tip, around and under the collar, making sure the entry is smooth and beautiful. Lips tightly encasing you, moving down, tongue and cheeks forming a tight canal for you to plunge into. 

On hands and knees, breasts hanging, nipples hard and bare smooth pussy goose pimpled and slick with wet for you, my mouth slowly becoming full with your cock. 

You motion with your hands in my hair, a tug that has been trained into me well... my palms leave the floor and travel up, one to hold your balls lovingly in a caress, the other encloses around the base of your shaft. Supporting as my mouth works thoroughly over your pulsing veins and delicious shaft. Greedily licking up those valuable beads from your tip, relishing the taste of your pleasure. 

Bringing my legs close in between yours so I am kneeling for you as you sit in comfort. 

Hearing the soft sighs and cut off ragged breaths as you enjoy my sucking. Feeling you tense with erotic delight as you work your cock inside my mouth faster, harder... hitting my tonsils carelessly... making me gag. Enjoying as I’m choking on you, deliberately making it impossible to keep up, to catch needed breaths. 

Feeling myself going lightheaded, the breaths I am able to take becoming shallower, urgent, necessary to keep from blacking out entirely. I cannot, must not black out... need to keep going for your pleasure. Seeing stars in the black behind my eyelids, feeling your increasing warmth. Your fucking of my mouth becomes more aggressive, brutal, violent. 

I’m choking and drooling, unable to be anything but a fuck hole for your cock, a rag doll that you’re enjoying tormenting and using. I cannot help it, the tears stream from my eyes and the breaths I drag in when I can are short, audible, desperate. You fuck my throat and beyond, making me deep-throat you without a choice. 

Your cock is even larger, seems so huge, I cannot take it all. I’m tugging on your balls and stroking delicately, exquisitely underneath, just as you like. I am kneeling doll-like for you, a face to fuck and a throat ready to swallow your cum. Throat fucked raw, my pussy wet with desire and my face wet with tears. 

Then you tense, shudder, fuck so hard like you’ll never fuck again... and shoot your oceans of streaming hot cum down my throat. I don’t dare spill a drop, and don’t want to either. I hastily gulp everything down, needing to be entirely filled with you, with your pleasure. 

Feeling useful to you, I am rewarded with an affectionate tussle of my hair, before you tilt my face up to you with a finger, kiss me on the lips and tell me what a good girl I am for you...

Sated, it is time for sleep. There we will rest, as I am used, filled for now, until the next time you want to use me. Until the next place you wish to fill me. Always ready to be fucked by you, always wanting it, always desperate. Thank you... 


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