Monday, 18 April 2011

Chocolate Love - Part Two

Then there was that time with the Chocolate Orange. He does seem to like perverting flavoured chocolate. Perhaps it is more the fact his chocolate preferences come in such handy segment shapes...

Anyway. I have mentioned my love of the combination of food and sex. Two great loves in my life fused together with kink and perversion for perfectly filthy fun. I had wondered why he had eaten all but a few segments of his Chocolate Orange, saving a few wrapped up still in the orange coloured foil on the bedside table.

It happened again like last time. I was astride him, facing feet, pussy over his face, on all fours raised up so he can enjoy the view. I like sucking his cock from this direction, I find the angle greatly assists in getting him even deeper in my mouth. From the other side it’s difficult to achieve the angles required for deep throating. The curve of the roof of the mouth and the curve of his cock from this new direction means I can hold his shaft base in one hand, play with his balls and ass with my other hand, all the while getting him as deep in my mouth as I possibly can, actually swallowing on his tip when he is actually down my throat. I can control my gag reflex *really* well, however, he absolutely LOVES when I’m audibly gagging on him, not able to control the drool from not being able to swallow, barely able to breathe, almost fainting from the lack of air as he is choking me with his cock... anyway. I digress.

I am sucking him and he is loudly enjoying it. Both naked, in bed. When I get that familiar cool sensation as he is spreading my lips. The Chocolate Orange segment enters me like it’s found home. Then another, and another. Three inside me. They’re bigger than After Eights, his last choc/sex preference. I do hope... ah... too late he is turning me round...

I’m to sit on top of him this time. The segments attempt to move to my sides, inside me. Making the tunnel for him to enter that much tighter... the segments are starting to melt but are quite solid too. Good job I am so hot and wet... I sit down fairly heavily upon him and I can tell he is getting off not just on the sensation and the sex, but the kink, the control, the roleplay, the perverted messiness. Making me some kind of edible sex toy, like a party centre piece. Some new fondant centre novelty to be fucked til I ooze delicious chocolate creaminess.

I slide up and down him as much as possible, slowly so I don’t lose any segments on the way up, hard on the way down, all points of contact hitting my most sensitive places at once. His fingers merge with mine working my clit which is slippery and chocolate coated. I lean forwards and he takes my nipples in his mouth, teasing and making me leak hotly onto him and the segments... Kissing him with gasping ragged breaths, hearing him tell me what a sick twisted little doll I am, perverted little whore that is nothing but a filthy fuck toy for him... I’m tingling, I need it hard, and now.

Flipping me over, he obliges his fuck doll. My slit is gleaming with chocolate and juices... he plunges deep into me, holding my hips and fucking the melted mess furiously. Angling me so his tip is hitting my g-spot making me call out and beg please, please, please. Please what? he asks.. as always. I don’t know! I reply, as usual. Please don’t stop. Please cum. Please please fuck me. Harder. More. Please...

His climax is heavy, brutal, carnal, needing and urgent. Uncaring and raw, passionate and violent. Filling me entirely and he seems to cum on and on without stopping for an age.

We collapse eventually, a tangled mess of chocolate and cum and wetness and hotness and sticky post-sex flesh.

Then of course, he needs cleaning up... yes. He pushes me down so my mouth meets what is left of those deliciously chocolatey segments - as well as his creamy coating of cum.


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