Saturday, 11 September 2010

I slept locked up last night....

...ankles and wrists restrained to the bed. Although naturally Dominant I do enjoy bondage and playing games, as long as they satisfy some longing for me of course!

We had been out for the evening, drink and good food intermingling with a glorious sense of relaxation, turning to enjoyment of each other and desire for more fulfilment. 

Once home it didn't take long for us to begin to indulge these carnal desires and we spent hours once again enjoying each other. A certain someone may have dressed as a naughty school girl... ~blushes~

He secured me into the two sets of chained together cuffs and secured the wrist ones around the head of the bed. I laid all night, stretched out, next to him, ready for his teasing and torment whenever he wished it.

Not only that but he left me one parting shot of evil before sleep... a bullet turned on, set nestled between my lips, the tip resting on my clit....

... and left like that all night until the battery died.

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  1. Sounds like a different type of night.. I love the teasing the most ..


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