Monday, 26 April 2010

Your Guide to Silicone - Lubes & Toys!

If you have any experience of sex toys, you will either have heard of silicone, or you may even have used it already. But really, what is silicone all about?

In the world of sex toys, silicone rubber is used to make many vibrators, dildos and other bedroom novelties. Silicone is also a base for the longer lasting lubricants on the market.

Silicone rubber, used for sex toys, is a mixture of silicon, the chemical element (symbol Si & atomic #14), as well as various gases and heat treatments in order for the rubberising process to occur.

Silicone is also very different from latex (rubber), which can be either synthetic or natural. I will cover latex, it's history, uses and fun products in a future post.

The material of choice for soft, body comfortable sex toys, silicone rubber is durable and easy to clean.

You may notice on many toy descriptions the statement that it is 'free from phthalates'. These are chemicals that are thought to have carcinogenic (cancer causing)  and mutating effects on the skin and parts of the body. Not so good for any product used on humans, never mind in an intimate manner! Being free from these is a very good thing.

Remember, though, that only water based lubricants are suitable for use with your silicone (or the cheaper jelly variations) sex toys. Silicone doesn't like other silicone, and will start eating into your beautiful toys! At best you will have a gummy mutated mess, at worst a disintegration process of the toy will occur.

This is also true if you store your silicone toys directly in contact with each other, so make sure you keep them in separate bags, or ideally stored carefully in a sex toy case designed for your vibrators, dildos, rabbits and other wares.

Silicone lubricants are arguably the longest lasting personal lubes on the market. A tiny amount will stay slippery, even under water. These lubes may cost more than the water based equivalent but the time factor more than makes up for the price tags.

If you use condoms during sex, you can use silicone lube with them, as condoms are made from latex rubber (or the synthetic polyurethane/polyisoprene for latex allergy sufferers) and these materials are compatible without degradation of the condoms.

You could also slip a condom on any toy you wish to use your silicone lube with... and fantastically you then have a super slippery session toy and easy clean up afterwards!

Silicone lubes are also perfect for flesh to flesh sex (especially pain-free anal), masturbation without toys and bathroom liaisons. It requires soap to wash off, which removes the silicone from your body as water by itself will not.

Toys that you can use directly with your silicone lube with include:

  • glass
  • steel
  • aluminum
  • wooden 
  • plastic/acrylic

Have fun discovering the safe, soft style, as well as the sensual slipperiness of silicone!

Until next time, stay sexy blog angels!





  1. I love silicone as a sex toy material! I prefer glycerin-free, water-based lube for typical use, but silicone lube is great for extended sessions. ;) BTW, I really like your blog layout and photos, especially the toy montage one. I'm relatively new to blogging and still learning.

  2. Scientific and sensual! Thank You for enlightening us once again.

  3. MBOV.. thank you for your comments! I'm so pleased you are enjoying my blog and finding it both fun and useful!
    I received a new silicone rabbit this morning, I will have to blog about that soon won't I!
    The montages are easy to do, just go to and download the free application. You do get the website on the pics at the bottom but I think the overall effect is worth it, especially as you can display more than one picture in one frame.
    Hope to hear from you again soon! Carry on following and commenting! Xxx

    Minnie, glad you enjoyed... I do love my silicone bits! :P lol


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