Monday, 26 April 2010

'Blazin' Bitch' Black Cherry Pheromone Candle - Review

Those of you who know me will already know of my previous affairs with cherry scented products, particularly the divine Cherry Durex lube.

This candle, a budget conscious £6.95 (free delivery) from Sex Toys, comes presented in a lidded metal tin, which the candle fills. The packaging is attractive and clearly marked. The simple instructions and short mantra on the back made me giggle:

Light the candle... proclaim you are #1 bitch! Burn, baby, burn, and let them all learn, what matters are my yearns, and it’s always my turn!

Well I don’t need telling twice, especially not to proclaim what a bitch I am!

Upon removing the lid, the strong delicious scent of black cherry fills your senses. The smell is actually addictive. I cannot speak for any actual pheromone properties of this, or any other candle, but the cherry scent is enough on its own to produce quite an ambient environment, calming yet intoxicating at the same time. Three other people who merely smelled the candle agreed that it smells delicious!

I simply had to try this candle out as soon as I could! Lighting it, I placed it in the bedroom and waited for the magic to begin. The candle tin actually fits into the upturned lid, rather handily.

I enjoyed this candle as a sexy, sensual room scenter. The scent once burning is not as strong as when you smell the actual product, as there is obviously some dilution as it pervades the room and your senses. The smell is reminiscent of a cherry incense stick, but without the overpowering and toxic smoke smell associated with incense.

The one thing I would point out with this product is that upon looking it up on the home company page, it states that this is part of a massage candle range. However, the word ‘massage’ is not mentioned once on the product itself (and I have checked thoroughly!). Therefore I am unable to use it for the purpose of massage, being unsure whether it actually is a massage pheromone candle, or not.

The scent made us feel relaxed, but any aphrodisiac qualities are unprovable... I generally feel rather sexy around my other half anyway!

I have also been unable to establish the burning time of these candles. I have burned it for a considerable time (over 3 hours a time) for two nights running now and only a quarter of it has gone. So I would personally approximate a total burning time of 20 hours.

In summary, this black cherry Blazin’ Bitch candle makes a sweet little addition to the boudoir and will pleasure your senses time and again.

I can't wait to try the rest of the range!

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