Monday, 8 March 2010

Joyfully Sleepless Weekend!

Well thankfully I actually managed to get some sleep last night. 9 hours sleep over three days can do really strange things to your locomotive of thought.

Not that the weekend wasn't entirely worth it...

Friday was fraught with excitement and nerves as I prepared for my girlfriend to once again visit and sleepover. I had everything ready, the food, the drink, the chocolate, the lube. Not that we need lube but hey, it tastes of cherries which is rapidly becoming this season's flavour. I even bought in Cherry Diet Coke to match. You know it's love when you're accessorising your beverages and your lubricants.

So onwards the day dragged, every moment seeming an hour while we were apart. How is it that Time's behaviour can seem to change so much according to our activity and company? Masochistically enjoying tenuously clinging to each teasing text we exchanged, the anticipation was becoming unbearable. Countdown to 6pm.

Finally time relented and my angel arrived, all gorgeous and tiny and sexy and wonderful. We drank in each other's company, chatter, eyes, lips, tongues... only briefly pulling apart to top up our hydration levels and refuel with, well, mostly chocolate. All in all, a highly delicious evening. My man kindly left us to it and went to bed at an appropriately early hour, leaving us shivering with excitement and ready for more in-depth fun and games. The wanton woman had taken it upon herself to plan a surprise for me, taking temporary leave to change into something more... maidly! Jesus Christ... the lace, the hat, the garter... the body.. the curves... *melt*

Luckily I'd had enough nous in the day to prepare a sexy pamper box for our delectation later on, for by this time my mind was entirely blanked of anything but the sensual warm touch and the seductive allure of her body. Massage and lickable drizzle candles, chocolates, and a variety of lubricants accompanied my zip bag of clit bullets, nipple clamps and finger rings to give our Sapphic session a host of highlights.

Eventually naked, sticky, hot, orgasmed out, we collapsed into a shuddering wonderful womanly heap in the ready bed. Laying in each others arms we alternated deep psychological discussion and a few more lazy orgasms until we reluctantly gave in to sleep at around 3am.

Morning dawned too quickly and it was obvious what the first item on the day's agenda was - a bath! Giggling and hurriedly dressing we crept upstairs to run a soothing hot bubbly bath and undressed each other once more to enter the blissfully cleansing tub. Washing each others bodies and hair of the night's lust and abandonment, sharing soapy wet kisses and dousing each other clean.

The morning and afternoon were spent entwined and chatting, eating in order to replace some of the energy so gorgeously burned out and anxiously resenting the time when she would have to once again take her leave from me. However, we both had plans for the rest of the weekend and real life will rudely intrude upon magical and wondrous moments such as these.

Feeling strangely empty when she left in late afternoon, I hurriedly tidied any stray evidence and completed minor chores before Mike (a fetish contact) arrived at 6pm Saturday for dinner, wine, film and a sleepover. Our house is a busy one! Absolutely shattered I struggled to be welcoming but I think it was obvious how little sleep I'd had. Thankfully a few glasses of red soon perked me up and I was giggling, chatting, watching tv and mobile tweeting madly with the best of them. I kept my contact with 'kitten' (as my girl is known) to a minimum, knowing she had studies to resume and complete. Much sighing over the beautiful memories from the night previous which were already too far from me.

So lonely without my lesbian lover was I, that later on in the evening I insisted that Mike watch the new lesbian drama movie I'd bought from eBay with me. I don't know about Inescapable, but compulsive it certainly was. Compulsively bad. The acting was terrible, the women butch dykey and the music... well the credits said it all really. 'Music by Minga'. Hmmm...

What is it with the film industry that they can't seem to produce a lesbian drama film that isn't either outright hardcore porn aimed at men or a patronising 'trying to be emotive but we don't have the budget or motivation to make this anything special' dyke fest? 'Steamy, lustful and passionate'? More like 'cheesy, low-budget and disconcerting'. Not impressed.

The only drama that I have seen (and kitten agrees) that even comes close to hitting the right spot is the amazing and awesome Tipping the Velvet. This is one film you cannot live without seeing. The acting is amazing, the production lavish and the script well written. The women are gorgeously appealing, natural beauties not plastic enhanced, airbrushed, spray tanned porn star wannabees. I'm in serious danger of wearing out my copy so I've bought another just in case!

Anyway (distracted!), back to the weekend. After that appalling disaster of a film, we chatted and laughed until I realised I'd gone through the tired stage into the slightly hysterical stage. It was 2am! So much for an early night to recuperate. I cannot sleep in in the mornings so looked like a sleepy Sunday was on the cards. Sure enough 7am and I found myself once again painfully upright and busily going about my day. True, most of it was spent in front of my PC chatting over Twitter and MSN... but still. Busy. A girl must clothes shop at times such as these, and kitten required help looking for a dress for a summer event. I have also been seeking an executive yet sexy pin stripe trouser suit. Heart set. A full afternoon and early evening ensued with many shared links and fun exchanges, interspersed with happy and sexy anecdotes and chat.

The evening arrived, my man finally settled down from being on call (breakdown mechanic and is on call over alternate weekends) and I collapsed onto him thankfully for stroking and cuddles. And a takeaway. Well I needed fuel to keep me awake at this stage! I simply must exercise this week. Contentment = happy eating but also = bigger thighs. Not good. Exercise bike for me this week, when I'm not having orgasms (I've heard they burn a 100 calories each! As if you needed any other reason to play), writing blogs, testing sex toys, cooking, cleaning, Dominating clueless men or shoe shopping.

Speaking of shopping I really ought to arrange my event outfits. Mike's birthday week next week so a meal out that weekend, then a Pink concert in June *swoon*, my Big (scary) Birthday Bash in July, a weekend trip back to the motherland (Channel Island of Jersey) and then the fabulous Erotica exhibition and Ball in November. So much to arrange, so little time to shop!

So, plans for this week? I have so much to do.

Test (G-Spot Vac U Lock Strap On Harness, HUGE giant inflatable dildo, Durex Play Sensations Personal Lubricant Sachets)

Review (Cherry lickable candle and Vibo Upgrade Kit)

Wear and photo (red peep toe stilettos, Dreamgirl Juliette Red Corset, Sweet Streak clubbing dress)

Read (The Gallery, Best Lesbian Erotica)

Watch (Fingersmith film, same author as Tipping the Velvet)

Arrange and shop for (Mike's birthday, Pink concert, Birthday Bash, Jersey weekend, Erotica Ball)

Kitten and I have already arranged our next lusty lesbian liaison: I will sleepover at kitten's house on Saturday night after a trip to the cinema to watch the new Alice in Wonderland fillm.

Fumbling on the back row, anyone? Let's hope we remember to get dressed again before the lights come up! *grin*

Until next time bloglettes, behave and stay sexy!



  1. sounds like you had a faboulouse weekend you lucky thing :D PS did you every watch the series suga rush.

  2. I watched some of it then forgot about it! Will have to update ;) Thanks! xx

  3. I use to love that series I found her very cute wicked ending im not going to spoil it xxxxx

  4. Sugar Rush is an adorable depiction of queer femininity, I adore it. Watched and own both seasons.

    A lovely blog post, and I do love hearing the tales of you and kitten :)

    LF x

  5. Thanks Nymphy Kissy ;) I will have to have a rummage round (oo-er) for it... I remember it was rather school girly and not as mature as others which could (and should) be available.
    Very happy that you're enjoying the blog!


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