Monday, 8 March 2010


I hate it when she's upset and won't tell me why. It's like being stabbed all over my heart with a million needles all at once. I'm worried that I'm falling... I can see the crash and the pain but I can't help it... she is so magnetic and lovable.

Someone put me out of this torturous misery.

I'm hurting so badly and I don't know what's happened. I can draw her in my mind's eye and remember each nuance, each curve of her body and the intonation of her voice. I know her scent, I seek it and she haunts me, like a whispered melody of love that chills me with it's power.

What is happening to me, I'm usually so careful about emotions and now my heart's being ripped out and used as a scratching post.

When I think of her leaving, I cry deep into the pillow she slept on...


  1. That happens to us all hun Iv been there and it hurts but u will be ok ok luv ya

  2. Thanks you :) Means a lot *hug*


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