Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Kitten rubs me up the right way

I feel so much happier today, you will all be pleased to hear! Had a lovely chat with kitten last night and I haven't upset her, thankfully. Saying that, she is upset about various other unrelated things in life and I wish there were some way to soothe her and ease her burden.

I'm happy to be able to provide a distraction for her in her busy life and find myself offering more and more in an effort to make her as happy and fulfilled as I can.

Why oh why do I have to vicariously catch people's bouts of sadness or anger! It's very distracting. Melted into tears on my poor man last night just wishing kitten happy again.

I've got it bad!

Still excited about this weekend, spending the day together then all night in bed together once again on Saturday. Undecided about what to wear... comfortable and easy or dolled up, packed in, thrust out, structured and tottering on heels? Difficult choice.

This Alice in Wonderland film looks to be a well made piece of entertainment, starry cast, directed by the marvellously gothic Tim Burton and made by Disney. Adoring Disney!

I'm sure I will hardly notice the film though compared to her sat next to me, so close, in public.

I have such wicked and wanton dreams...

All I want to do is slowly undress her, one button at a time and slide my delicate fingers softly and slowly over her perfect curves...

Following the trail left by my fingernails with my eager and hungry tongue, grazing her nipples with my teeth and pinching them better...

Scraping my nails wickedly over her ribs, down towards the sides of her navel, she shudders and shivers... undulating towards me in an indication of sexual frenzy and need...

I respond and press my body against her. Our breasts crush together, our mouths find each other, tongues penetrate each other to explore the delicious sweet wetness and we suck on each others lips alternately, giving a wickedly evil nip every now and then with sharp teeth...

Clawing at each others clothes, my hand comes up to rest at her soft throat, the centre of her vulnerability... Biting off a yelp she immediately rests still, her heavily lidded minx eyes staring into mine, deep, dark, swirling with a deviant passion that is easy to miss in her otherwise purely innocent angelic face...

I have her now. She is mine, she will do what I want, what I command her. My perfect sex doll toy, mixture of naivety and wild abandonment, there to do my bidding and offering her body and mind for my torments and desires...

It's all too much. I push her legs apart with a rough force and emit a low carnal growl. Scratching her cattily with my claws I slide down her body, not breaking contact until I'm on my knees between her parted legs... focussed on her sex, radiating intense heat and willing me closer...

Is it Saturday yet?



  1. Yes it's saturday *hides calender*...please come and play! xxx

  2. Miiiiii OW! ;) xxx PS rawr xxx

  3. sounds absolutely delicious, wanton, erotic and sensual Mistress... i hope it is soon Saturday for you, perhaps Saturday every day

  4. dam that sounds so good I really want to see alice in wonderland now lol


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