Monday, 15 March 2010

A Weekend in Wonderland

Once again I have been lucky enough to enjoy an entirely decadent weekend, while my gorgeous man took care of the little one. Daddy and mini-me went out mid morning Saturday, leaving me to get on with the arduous task of bathing, preening, polishing and pampering myself in readiness for Kitty, and the afternoon and evening's planned adventures.

Mike came over at 1pm as previously arranged and helped tidy the place, well a girl can't be breaking a nail doing the housework! Not when she must be looking her best for her sex kitten.

I was excited to meet up with Kitty again, despite the fact there has only been a maximum of a week between physical contact. I do tend to pine from the day after seeing her though! Entirely addicted. *sigh*

We met up with Kitty and her man in a lovely traditional English themed pub near to the cinema and enjoyed quiet chat and drinks. Kitty and I could barely keep our hands from each other, even in such a public and busy setting!

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was lovely, humorous, gothic, eccentric, fun and with a wardrobe I would love to own. Mike had chores to complete so left us at this juncture. Kitty, her man and I visited the restaurant next door afterwards, as I, for one, was sure I would need the fuel for the long evening ahead. I couldn't wait.

After a teasing 2 hour cinema trip where we were prevented from much more than hand holding and innuendo, then a meal, we were all but racing back to her home in order to fully enjoy one another.

Who better to provide the backdrop to our raunchy erotic liaison than P!nk? Her latest Funhouse DVD is amazing and I must watch it at every opportunity... Kitten and I both have a penchant for her strong, assertive, independent attitude. Also helps that she is smoking HOT of course!

Without restraint we were able to indulge in each other, with the addition of delicious ice cream, chocolates and sparkling wine. Kitty had sweetly had a t-shirt printed especially for the occasion, identifying her as 'Cara's Plaything'! She is cuteness personified. Fun and arousal intensified as the hours flew past and the clothes disappeared even more rapidly.

She is so beautiful. Her body is perfect. Just running my hands over her, even while she is clothed, makes me want to strip her naked then and there and have her completely, for hours.

We eventually moved from the lounge to her bedroom and the comfort of her bed. I had brought a new strap on harness and dildo to try out and some of the pina colada lube from the mixed box of ten sachets I'd received recently and she had a toy box already filled with wonderful novelties and sex toys.

We absolutely devoured each other, in all ways. Tongues and teeth toying with nipples, hands stroking and manipulating, fingers probing and delving, arse squeezing, body licking, nipple rubbing, frottage and tribbing.

The pina colada lube was sweet and tasted rather strongly of coconut, whereas I prefer the taste of kitten! I was pleased to 'have' to lick it all out of the way so that I could delve my tongue into her time and time again, flicking over her hard clit until she shuddered and exploded in her climax.

After mutual oral fun we decided to try out the fun looking new Vac U Lock harness and G-Spot dildo attachment I'd bought.

Turns out Kitty is a secret strap-on Queen, fucking me to ecstasy and keeping me on the brink of climax for seemingly hours before eventually we collapsed in our shared climaxes, hot, wet, sticky, exhausted and satisfied.

Finally we crawled under the sheets and held each other, talking until we fell asleep from sheer exhaustion at around 4am. A perfect end to the perfect Saturday.

I woke with a feeling of resentment that it wasn't still the night before... time with her always goes so fast. Sunday. Day of rest. Surely it would be ok to stay in bed? We cuddled but I knew I had responsibilities to return to and she had her partner and work to attend to.

Also, I had the very real worry that if I didn't make an early start from escaping the sheets, I may be trapped in the base musky mix of love juice and lubricant forever. A shower was definitely in order.

Quick nose, forehead and nipple kisses and we separated to wash, make breakfasts, meet our partners, try and get back to reality. A sadness in coming back to normality and down from the erotic highs of our passionate liaisons but also pleasure in meeting and cuddling our men again.

When we eventually left kitten's home at 4pm, I had to literally be towed away!

Sunday evening was spent with a deep feeling of contentment as the erotic and sensual memories kept washing over me, serving up new remnants of the night before each time.

My man and I took delight in relaxing with a lovely bottle of chilled white and catching up with each other. Some comfort food, a music DVD and laying in his arms made for a romantic early evening.

Later on, I was delighted when he intimated that he wanted to have some more fun.

We started with the luxurious warmth of our Blackcurrant JimmyJane candle and as the slippery softness was massaged all over my back I could feel my wetness already eager for him.

His hands are so big and strong, working out any kinks and knots in my back, smoothing the silky oil deep into my muscles and down to my lower back. Over my womanly curves, hips and bum and fingers delving inbetween...

Too fast, I had to slow down... take it easy.. I got him to turn over and I massaged him fully, not easy as my hands always hurt. His back is so wide and his bum is so hard, my wrists feel like they will snap if I try and manipulate the knots out of his rugged muscles!

I ended up massaging him in the best way. Him on his back, my hands readying another suddenly hard part of him and using the oil as a lubricant. We do not use condoms so the natural ingredients contained in the JimmyJane oil was fine for us to intimately share.

The time came for me to replace my hands around his straining, throbbing hardness; in time, so did we. A perfect dance of partners joined in the rhythm of love, moving synonomously with that mental connection you only have with your other half, knowing how hard, how fast, where to press, how to gyrate... when they are close to exploding in that blinding dizzying flash of nerve endings and complete body shuddering orgasms...

We fell asleep with me on his chest, both naked, both once again exhausted and satisfied in equal measure.

I could really get used to waking up sticky and content!

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