Thursday, 18 March 2010

Suit Shopping!

Mike has had a few days off this week for his birthday and promised me a new executive pin striped suit, which we would seek out in a few days shopping, one of my favourite activities.

I have my heart set on a black pin striped trouser suit, tailored well and of high quality. I wish to own one again after I lost weight and had to get rid of a lot of my previous wardrobe. Now a size 8, from a size 16 a couple of years ago, a lot of clothes shopping is required.

This year a lot of events are planned, a P!nk music concert, a ballet (Swan Lake, no less), a weekend trip to Jersey and the jewel in the calendar crown, Erotica 2010 in November. I will of course be requiring outfits for all these and more!

You would think a tailored black pin striped trouser suit would be one of the most basic items you can find in a good clothes shop or department store. Not so. Tuesday we visited the local high street, where we browsed New Look, Peacocks, Primark and the cheap end of the market. Nothing suitable.

Wednesday we moved to the next tier, a village slightly further away with a medium range of shops, including Wallis, Next, BHS & Marks & Spencers. Still nothing. Grabbed a lovely cuppa coffee in Costa though. I need my shopping fuel, regular injections of caffeine!

Today we went crazy (!) and visited the main city. Surely we would find the elusive suit here. We scoured shops such as H&M, All Saints, Next, East, Coast, John Lewis, Kookaii, Karen Millen, French Connection, Zara, Debenhams... without success. Finally beaten, we dejectedly returned to the car and zoomed off in search of a comforting lunch... with more coffee.

I did manage to find some gorgeous lace top and ribbon top hold-up stockings, I love them so much. Feel insanely sexy wearing them, so much more so than tights, which always feel slightly granny/baggy around the crotch! Not sexy. A word of warning though, legs shrink in cold weather. I found this out previously when, to my dismay, what had started the (admittedly freezing cold) day as sexy lace top stockings ended as a mass of stretched nylon material swathed around goosepimpled knees. Erotic.

Also captured as prey during my garment hunt was a pin striped trilby hat, which I adore. Trés gangster!

I have the pin striped trilby, I have the red and black shiny fetish stilettos. Surely I need to find wear something in between head and toes, even if it IS Erotica?

On that thought... until next time blog angels! Stay sexy...



  1. mmm you are one smokin' hot gangster babe! Does this mean I'm your molly dolly? ;) xxx

  2. Thanks kitten... you're my perfect lil sex moll. Get here now, bitch! ;) xxx


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