Monday, 22 March 2010


Wanton Weekend Walk Through

The weekend was yet again a mishmash of fun, exciting, erotic and sensual adventures. Friday saw Kitten coming round in the evening with her man for a sleepover, which I had anticipated eagerly all week. An evening of films, frigging and filthy fingering.

Beginning rather innocently with friendly chat and handholding, we progressed steadily to a point where she was writhing half naked atop me while her man was apparently engrossed in the film currently on in the background. Far, far in the background. Something about space, I wasn't really paying attention. I don't really think he was either.

Kitten definitely wasn't by the way her tiny hand was thrust then trapped between my soft warm thighs under her, her clit-seeking fingers doing an expert job keeping me breathless and on the cusp. It was all I could manage to concentrate on trying not to break the bones in my hand, contorting it into unnatural positions whilst locating her hidden wetness, down what must be the world's tightest jeans. I have really gone off jeans.

Thankfully I had removed her bra and top to free her amazing breasts, so large on such a tiny frame. Entirely irresistible. I have to pinch, suck, nibble and play with them. I simply cannot merely look at those full pert orbs, those fleshy globes, those... well. You get my point(s).

It was a thoroughly satisfying evening for all involved and I finally crawled into bed to nakedly sleep on top of my man at around 2am.

The next morning didn't dawn bright and clear as much as hazy and resentful. A 7am start wasn't exactly what I had planned for Saturday, but despite the morning fog & remaining sexual stickiness I soon cleaned up and made my way back down to my beautiful sex toy. Strong coffees, lingering looks and fond farewell fumbling filled up the few hours before she had to once again depart from me, leaving me feeling bereft and empty without her.

Without much time to dwell on Sapphic sentimentality, I had to quickly plan ahead. I had a birthday party to attend! Mike's birthday had been midweek but we had previously arranged to leave off the main celebrations until Saturday night, when my man and I would visit Mike's home for nibbles, drink and to take over Mike's bed, kicking the poor sod out onto the lounge floor. Happy Birthday Mike, we've come to eat your food, drink your alcohol, raid your cupboards and steal your bed. Nice!

Actually it was thoroughly enjoyable. We all enjoyed a veritable banquet of a Chinese takeaway. I had simply never seen nor enjoyed such a huge amount of delicious Chinese cuisine in one go before! After plenty of luxury icecream (it was a birthday celebration after all!) we tucked into fine wines, spirits and cocktails. Chat and laughter continued to the small hours whereupon my man and I retired to the comfortable & insanely bright pink king size bed for the night, once again at around 2am!

Woke at 6am. Took one look at one of the many clocks that adorned the room. Thought, fuck that. Went back to sleep.

Woke at 9am. Thought, that's marginally better. Hmm. Head isn't sore. Bonus. Looked over at my man. Looked more comfortable than the mattress. Climbed aboard.

10am. Needed a shower. Badly.

Suffice to say that after a gorgeous breakfast of coffee and croissants I was one smug and satisfied woman on Sunday.

I had briefly been in touch with Kitten over the couple of days but she was very quiet. Busy with work I supposed. Frustrating little madam! My neurotic mind was rushing through cynical and pessimistic possibilities that could have been avoided with more communication and less mind reading.

After a day of wondering where I stand, with much confusion and worry (and more ice cream) it has finally been discussed and I feel at ease. When being faithful to someone in a sexual way there is an element of expectation on an emotional level. You are faithful to them, excluding other sexual advances. In exchange for this, a person does expect to have some emotional maintenance not unlike a romantic relationship, where a bond forms.

Without mutual exclusivity, I am free to play instead of pine! Let the orgy begin!


FML = Fuck More Lesbians


Stay sexy, Blog Angels!



  1. Sounds a busy but fun filled weekend :)
    Puppies xx

  2. Busy and filled is a good mix - and not just for a weekend ... xxx

  3. Thanks for an unforgettable week!


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