Friday, 12 March 2010


I was recently lucky enough to be introduced to this wonderful uk based sex toys company, and sent three items to test and review.

First of all, the RO-80 'Ammunition' bullet. This is one extremely powerful, sleek and discreet clitoral bullet vibrator. The precision crafted, smooth tapered tip delivers extremely strong stimulation exactly where you want it most.

The side is attractively embossed with the RO-80 logo, proudly displaying its high quality heritage, and the waterproofing rubber sealing ring means you can have naughty orgasmic fun in the bath or shower too!

This is a one speed toy with easy click on/click off touch button control.

I highly recommend investing in a strip pack of N size batteries from eBay, which is the cheapest place I have found. Nothing worse than reaching for your favourite bullet and realising you're out of batteries!

Simply put: all women should own this bullet. Buy yours today... click here now!

Next, the Mini Mates Fever. This is the sex toys connossieur's upgrade to the RO-80! An absolute beast of a machine with 5 vibration settings and still entirely waterproof.

The Mini Mates Fever vibrator integrates the large and power packed RO-120 bullet with an easy clean velvet touch silicone sleeve for your choice of either clitoral or penetrative play.

Perfect for either solo fun or play with a partner, this versatile toy feels fantastic. With a bit of spicy imagination you will enjoy this toy for a long time to come. I would note however that I would not recommend this toy for anal play, as there is nothing to stop it getting lost! Stick to vaginal or clitoral action, or use as a body massager for you or your partner.

Covered with a removeable medical grade silicone sleeve, this toy is kept especially clean and hygienic. Additionally, you should of course use a safe toy cleaner such as this one, also available from Sex Toys Uk.

We move on to something for the bunny lovers! Rampant rabbits are probably the most commonly known sex toy in the uk, thanks to high street adult merchant, Ann Summers.

At this juncture, I must confess that I am not a huge fan of rabbit toys, as I find the phallus part, the rotating beads and the clitoral vibrating ears all too close together to be of any useful stimulation.

I much prefer to use a separate dildo or vibrator with a clitoral bullet, such as the RO-80 above, so that both parts of the action are entirely in my control.

That said, if you are a fan of rabbits, then this Jessica Rabbit Ultimate will certainly fulfil your needs.

Easy separate vibrating action for the ears and the beads/dildo, a variety of settings and being waterproof all combine to make this a good all round rabbit toy.

As I have often found with rabbit toys, it is heavy on the batteries, taking 4 AA type. Quite power hungry but on the plus side, the batteries are easier to acquire than N or watch batteries than some smaller toys take!

Visit Sex Toys Uk today and have a browse through their vast range of bullets, vibrators, rabbits, butt plugs and more. Or click through to specific items on the banners to the side of this page!

Have fun in your sexy sex toys quest!


  1. Ah, are one of my faves too - I must get round to reviewing the rest of the haul I won from them in their twitter comp! I've reviewed the nipple clamps on my blog already [Spartacus ones at that] and love them, so must get on to the rest!

    LF x

  2. :) Lucky girl! I have the Spartacus clit clamp with bell, it's so erotic. I'm looking at getting myself some clover clamps as a change from the norm! Xxxx

  3. I have 2 of them 80mm bullets and they are brilliant :D I use them in my naughty boy and rude boy vib I must try that site


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