Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lesbian Training School

Yesterday brought a few surprising and delightful treats from a good friend of mine, Carly. She had promised some printed t-shirts for me, and finally the wonderful package arrived. Excitedly I opened them out... three t-shirts all for me!

Each one of them displays a fun slogan, showing a facet of my personality and sexy life!

I have taken a picture for you with the inspirational/muse items, above.

Firstly, a Mistress t-shirt, showing that I am interested in the fetish scene, as anyone who knows me will be able to confirm. I have displayed this with a couple of my favourite items, the Bondage Boutique Xtreme Leather Basic PVC Ball Gag and the Bondage Boutique Luxury Two Tone Suede Flogger. I love these items and I must mention the fact that Bondage Boutique offer the world's first loyalty scheme. Every item comes with stickers you put on a collector card, once you have collected enough you can claim your free spanker!

Secondly, an Intimidildo t-shirt. This amuses me no end, since I recently was lucky, if that is the right choice of word, to test the enormous inflatable dildo shown in the picture. Oh Carly and I did laugh. She said it should be called the Intimidildo, which is also her pet name for a favourite wishlist dream, the Super Victor Giant Dildo. Ouch!

Finally, my secret is out. Yes my friends, I adore being gay. Therefore I of course required a Yayness for Gayness t-shirt! I battled against my usual subtle nature and won. I bet no-one guessed previously that I was lesbian, did you? Complete shock to the world. Ahem, yes anyway. I will wear my new t-shirt with 'pride' (see what I did there?) and possibly whilst reading my new Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 book which I am really enjoying! I also have the Xcite book, Girl Fun 1 - Adventures in Lesbian Loving, which is a fun introduction to Sapphic play and I highly recommend it.

After poring over Carly's hand written love note like a properly lust-struck stalker, I finally calmed down enough to actually talk to the wonderfully divine woman herself to say thanks. I think my crush on her amuses her somewhat. She doesn't complain much for a straight woman and in fact encourages my flirting! Some women can be such sluts. I love it.

After much mental frottage, she had the brilliant idea of starting a lesbian training school. My mind immediately went to outfits, of course. Haughty school Mistress combined with a dash of imperious Governess. Perfect.

Now I just need to find some willing victims. I mean pupils. I think a good class would consist of around 6 lovely luscious curious corruptibles.

Once I had these signed up, I would start lessons with a blog post consisting of my very own lesbian erotica...

Who is 'wanton' some training? Comment on this blog and reveal yourselves... The teacher is ready to show her students all they need to know...

Until (maybe) a very hot and saucy Sapphic tale next time...

Stay sexy, my blog angels



  1. Haha, im commenting ;)

    Love the shirts too x

  2. I don't know that I need training in gayness (we've been doing plenty of extra curricular activities together already and I did go to a girl's school after all) lol but any excuse to don a teeny-tiny school uniform and play teacher's pet!


  3. Well this lil Teaser is need of plenty of training Miss ;)

  4. *raises hand*
    Me? Maybe? ;)

    LF x

  5. Very nice indeed. Just two more to capture then! Such a lot of naughty girls around these days. A good job I'm here to round you all up and keep you in the best sort of trouble! ;) x

  6. Yayness for Gayness top! I want one! heh. I'm not after training though. I'm under enough other vigorous training as it is at the mo.

  7. although, i'm not putting my hand up as I don't have the right 'grades' to qualify for this course, I just have to say that your School Mistress outfit is HOT HOT HOT Cara!

  8. Lol Avrielle.. you could get one printed, there are places that do t-shirt printing. Im wearing mine tomorrow and its a family weekend, so that should be fun!
    I'm now curious as to what training you are undergoing... my deviant mind working overtime, no doubt! x

  9. Welcome Malcolm. Are you following my blog here? *Smiles*
    No you don't seem to be a lesbian or even a baby dyke, Im afraid!
    But thank you for your luscious compliment, I do adore the outfit too... now to find someone who needs a caning, hmmm? ;) xxx

  10. Yayness for gayness! We need to start some kind of campaign with that slogan.

    Loving the pic of you at the bottom, btw. It's amazing how you still look every bit as sexy and teasing when you're clothed as when you're wearing lingerie and fetish gear!

  11. I would have my hand up but Mr BLC gets jealous if I play with boobies (so I shall have to be tutored in secret... shhh!).

    By the way, I want, nay, NEED those t-shirts! x


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