Saturday, 1 May 2010

Ceduxtion Scented Massage Candle - Strawberry

I’m a girl that loves candles, all types. Doesn’t matter if they are massage candles, aromatherapy/pheromone candles, skin safe wax play candles or just your ordinary table candles, there is something alluring about candle light and the atmosphere that a candle provides.

I have the Strawberry version of the Ceduxtion Scented Massage candle. This candle is three purposes in one; room scenter, body moisturiser and a massage oil (all once melted!).

The candle is presented in the popular form of coming set into a tin with a fitted lid. This makes for easy and convenient storage, as well as minimal (if any) mess once you are burning the candle.

The scent, while being reminiscent of strawberries, is more the manufactured smell such as you would find in sweets for children, rather than the natural strawberry smell. Despite this, the fragrance is pleasant and very subtle once the candle is burning.

As a massage oil, the liquid ‘wax’ is soft and moisturising, not sticky or oily at all. Seeps into the skin without leaving a greasy film which is a problem I have had with other massage candles.

This candle is a great addition to your bedroom, as well as your candle collection, storing neatly on the side for whenever you wish to use it. The price may seem a lot for a candle but when you consider you are using it as a massage oil/body moisturiser as well, it works out evenly.

Another top quality, luxurious product that I love from Sextoys!

I will be trying more from this range in the near future!

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