Monday, 19 April 2010

Feeling the Heat on a Monday Morning

What a fabulously sunny Monday morning! Kids are back at school, there's a smile on my face and a twinkle on various parts of my body.

Despite the sunshine it's not quite warm enough yet to use my Durex Massage Melts, although they are in the freezer ready to be popped out and melted as I... well... melt heatedly and hopefully pop.

Speaking of explosive relief, I finally couldn't wait any longer. I had made the decision yesterday (in a calm and controlled manner of course, not frenzied and desperate at all) to wait until this morning to renege on my 'hand made' orgasms awhile and revert to my bullet for a soothing and much needed climax.

During the early morning walk in the surprising April sunshine, my titanium, diamante ended barbell teased me as I paced and mulled the plan over. I returned home and with nervous anticipation, shut and locked the front door behind me with a determined, decided click.

Foccussed now, I removed my jacket and hung it over the banister at the bottom of the stairs before going up to my bedroom. My 'bag of bullets' lay half unzipped on my dresser, a visible sparkling gleam or two of metal already teasing me with promises of relief.

Following mental instructions as though I were in some Beautiful South song, I removed my clothes and lay on the bed. Bullet in one hand, the other fondling the half familiar, half new to my fingers pierced hood.

I groaned in need. This was so required, right now. I needed to cum, then and there. Sunlight blindingly streaming through the gap in the curtains, spotlighting me for heaven's morning show.

The moment that bullet hit the combination of the metal sparkling bauble and my humming with tingling desperation hard little clit, I knew I had only moments before I tipped over that waterfall of light and sexual energy. A week of pent up surging, pulsing need and constant teasing, physical and mental, brought me to that, quite literal, point.

I didn't even need any of my lube.

I lay stretched out on the bed, naked, clothes strewn about me, and writhed, moaned, mewled and screamed affirmatives to God for the enormous, devastating, spine chilling, clit numbing, pussy melting, brain emptying orgasm I had.

Yes, I thought. That's the way to start the week!

Of course, now I need to somehow deal with my clit bar rubbing over a newly exhausted, hyper sensitive and entirely exposed clit...

Damn. Back to the teasing board.



  1. What a rich exotic blog, Mistress, to enliven a mundane monday morning for the masses! Thank You.

  2. I can't wait to get my tongue on you ....mmm :P

  3. Thanks minnie...
    DG... it hasn't been a day yet and I'm dsperate for you again already x

  4. Oooh! what a way to let the dam break, Mistress.

    *lowers head down to properly 'groom' You afterwards*

  5. Mmmmmm lovely! :D Just what I need, My beautiful Dejah ... ;) Oh how I wish you were here to ease my poor suffering little clit! x


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