Friday, 9 April 2010

Best Lesbian Erotica 2010

I have just finished this book and let me tell you, it's difficult to put down until you get to the very last page! I tore myself away from the final sentence with a sense of palpable loss.

I had thought that my previous lesbian short story fiction romp, Xcite's Girl Fun 1 _ Adventures in Lesbian Loving was good. This new beauty from LoveHoney however, is the Daddy (should that be Mummy?) version.

Covering a wide range of settings and characters, this book will surprise you time after time. At several points during the book I had to reach down to satisfy myself. It's just that hot!

Butches, bois and femmes are covered, as well as curious but reluctants. Very politically correct: the mention of a wheelchair at one point did throw me, only because it's an unusual insertion for erotic fiction, in this world obsessed by physical perfection!

There are also taboo boundaries crossed; time travelling to fuck yourself, perving on ghosts, cousin sex. There is a sense of naughtiness throughout the book that can't help but get all your juices flowing. Plenty of highly explicit and graphic lesbian sex scenes, describing every tongue stroke and every thrust, whether fingers or strap on.

I need about 10 more copies of this book so I can give them to all my friends! Even straight women would enjoy this book and obviously straight men would too *grin*

Written by real lesbians, so the interaction of either sexual relations or just in a lesbian relationship is realistic and natural, not fake, Hollywood, for male titillation or amusement. It's really refreshing to have lesbians finally depicted as real women, with personalities, albeit voracious women with an incredible sexual appetite for their partners or the woman that takes their fancy at that moment...

Why don't you take a peek too? This book is on sale now from LoveHoney ... enjoy free discreet delivery and you could soon be snuggled up under the duvet with this piece of literary (cliterary?) magic as well as a finger tingler or love egg to heighten the experience even more....

Oh dear, I seem to be giving away all my secrets.


Until next time, stay sexy, blog angels!


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