Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Self sacrifice

I slide to my knees, between your legs. You tear your eyes away from what you are doing to look down at me. My eyes are pleading with you, burning with need. Please. Please let me. Please may I feel you. Please may I taste you. Please?

Need to have your hot, pulsing length in my mouth, to take you there and swirl my tongue around you. I’d do anything to pleasure you this way. What will you make me do in order to have the privilege of tasting you there?

You already know I would do most anything for you. Take the challenge of setting me something... will you put me in pain for you? Make me suffer in frustration for so long? Make me beg, nakedly, on my knees, out loud, make me tell you what you are to me, how much I want you, what you do to me?

Grab me by the hair and drag me violently to where you want me. Roughly shove my mouth upon you and rape my throat with your thrusting cock – I so want it.

My clit aching, throbbing, screaming out to  be sated but at the same time loving that you leave it unattended, your pleasure coming first, all I can do is writhe and enjoy vicariously your sensual pleasure.

Give me all your sadistic evil, laugh at my suffering for you, my desire. Make me feel like the little girl i am in front of you, nothing, nothing but a naked little whore to be used and filled and fucked and abused.

Tie me tightly so the binding digs deep into my flesh and leaves those marks that last for days... bruise me and welt me. Slap me so the sting emblazons not only across flesh but across my mind, wiping it, some catharsis from your abuse.

Grip me by the neck as you steal my breath away, into you, suck out my life and take it for yourself. Squeeze harder as you look into my eyes, flitting between complete trust in you to those nuances of panic.... what if... too far... will he....

Can’t breathe, but trust you. Want your pleasure more than air.

Dig your nails deeply into my porcelain soft easily bruised flesh. Scratch me and make me wince then cry out for you. Feel that you can show me mercy, or make me bleed as you wish.

Make me hurt for you. Please. Make the hurt real, that I feel in my heart when you’re not touching me. I want you so much. Please just touch me, I don’t care if I have to hurt for it.

Please take my body and use it, enter me where you will, with what you will. Fuck me hard all night then again all day. Take me whenever, however you want.

Use me then toss me aside like a used disposable toy. Fling me down and uncaringly rape me like a fuck doll. Treat me as your personal whore.

My body is yours, take it.

Please, just let me touch you. Make me please you. Take me.


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