Monday, 28 March 2011

Welcoming Kat at Erotica Pleasures

Many of you will know that I am great friends with the people at Erotica Pleasures. The site itself has been running for some time but the Facebook and Twitter etc are relatively new.

My friend Kat runs the social networking side for Erotica Pleasures and has just joined Facebook - so if you could all hop over and add her as a friend I would be truly grateful! 

Her name is Kat A Tomic ... hey got to have a glam name for a glam job, right?!  

The Erotica Pleasures Facebook page you can find right here

Follow on Twitter here

And of course the superb and sexy shopping site itself...

Erotica Pleasures are a 100% secure, confidential and fantastically run company. You can rest assured that your good and details are held in safe hands, following all data protection principles and run in line with all the regulations of the Financial Services Authority.

Products are delivered in discreet packaging and fast too. They have the lowest prices I can find on the web, and that's saying something ;)

So... what are you waiting for? Make friends with Kat on Facebook and Twitter - then find out what bargains and gifts Erotica Pleasures has in store for you.

They even sell such exquisite beauties as these top quality steel boned corsets, a personal favourite of mine! 



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