Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sponsor me for the Sextoys HQ Pyjama Party! (Red Nose Day)

Hello sexies!

Come on over to Cara's Red Nose Day Giving Page!

That's right, it's not about the taking, pulling, pushing or shoving this time *winks* we're really gonna GIVE IT SOME!

Want to be involved in the Comic Relief Action? You're in the right spot... actually down a bit, across a bit.... *there*. Ahhhh.

Give me all your lovin' and all your lovely £££ to help us reach our target this Comic Relief Day. The Sextoys HQ team are having a practically perverted Pyjama Party on Friday 18th March in aid of Comic Relief so JOIN IN THE FUN!

Sponsor me, I won't be wearing what I normally wear to bed (*ahem* nothing *ahem*) but I will be wearing some 'luvverly PJs' and having some fun - I even promise plenty of photos of me and the whole Sextoys HQ team!

Please, please support me and help reach our target, as your cash really can make a huge difference this year.

If not, I may come after you brandishing a dildo or two!

Thank you lovelies!



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