Monday, 14 March 2011

Snuggly weekend with poorly kitty

Had an amazing day yesterday, despite Harlot being sick L We put off our going out for a meal plans Saturday night due to her tummy problems (she has had surgery to repair a hole in her tummy and has residual eating difficulties and sickness), but also had to cancel last night too. The pains started just after midday again from even a small bit of ‘normal’ food, so she retired to bed but needed snuggling. D & I helped snuggle as did her Chayat of course. 

Pretty soon she felt a slight bit better, so I started holding up the entire contents of her wardrobe to go through, a session we had planned to complete for ages. Most of her wardrobe is too big for her now due to much weightloss after the surgery. I’m envious of how many dress sizes have just gone and so quickly! I seem to just stay the same all the time lately no matter what I do. Probably should stop with the cake and wine binges at the weekends... could help ... lol ~muses~

Aaaaanyway, back to the weekend – well yesterday. Ended up all in a love pile on the bed, four of us, watching films and enjoying tender cuddles and stroking, it was delicious, just like it should be. We really need to get a big TV in the main bedroom so we can enjoy ‘our’ time together all curled up in bed together more often. I think it will help relations, communication and people feeling more loved and attended to. In the lounge downstairs it all feels so separate and people can get to feeling left out, people keep wandering in, and the leather sofas are cold! I know, whine whine lol.

We watched Dear John which wasn’t all that great to be honest, shallow plot no depth to characters, predictable; after that we watched The Switch with Jennifer Aniston in it, much better! So funny. Also made us sniffle and tearful in places, the sign of a good feel good snuggle movie.

Hope we get some literal one on one time soon my ‘wyfe’ and I... well I say one on one.. more like one on two or two on one. Heh.... mmmmm ~distracted~

She’s all so cute in her new clothes with new found confidence and especially when she hasn’t brushed her hair since washing and it’s completely wild and curly. Rebellious and untameable, just like her J

Ahhhhh ...

Can’t want to get back home to the kitty basket for snuggle times....


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