Saturday, 12 February 2011

How not to approach a Mistress or Domme...

Just received this application through my Fetish site, where I indulge my kinky and Dominant side through FemDom. Most of the applications to be one of my submissives are the general twaddle and boring, but this one just made me laugh with incredulity!

'Hi there ! I am a newcomer to S and M and as such i have looked at others sites for mistresses near to where i live, however you seem to have a playroom ASWELL as a dungeon facility and don't look as scarey either ! 
I was wondering if you would be able to to perform the following with me; I would like you to wear jeans, a white top, trainers and white sports socks (preferably the half sock type ?) Once the session starts I would like you to come up from behind me, place your hand tightly over my mouth and forcefully drag me to the floor. Then I would like you to kick off your trainers, take off your socks with one hand whilst keeping the other tightly over my mouth, then force your socks right into my mouth. Once the socks are in, you would tape them in tightly with bondage tape/electrical tape/packing tape.  Once tightly gagged, you would then tie my hands tightly behind my back, tie my feet togther and then attach my feet to my hands (hogtie i think ?) 
You would then make me crawl, tied and gagged to a bed and then help me onto it where you verbally abuse me, tease me and then make me forcefully cum via hand relief (perhaps whilst using a vibrator on me ?)    
Is this session something that you would be able to do ? Oh, re your socks, would it be possible for you to wear them in your trainers for a few hours before my arrival ? Many thanks'

Please note, if you think you are submissive, this does actually mean not setting the demands. I don't care what you want and I certainly will not ever lower myself to being a paid for prostitute with a whip and a list of requests for an hour session, I may as well hire myself out by the hour in some flea infested dingy B and B! 

Just because I am Dominant it doesn't mean that I:

a) Want to Dominate you
b) Dominate all and sundry
c) Respond to demands from 'fauxsubs'

Take heed and approach with decency, respect and at least an ounce of common sense!




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