Sunday, 17 October 2010

The best orgasm I never thought I'd have...

I simply must write to share what happened last night... the best orgasm of my life, I never thought it could feel like this...

The evening had included friends around the fireside, Harlot (my girlfriend) being unwell, sadly and being mostly tended to by Chayat (her boyfriend), although Sable (her husband and mine and Chayat's boyfriend - yes it's complicated, lol) and I helped as much as we could. Minnie had been around but left after the chores were completed so as to be out of the way. 

So. How do I get to the best orgasm ever from that?

The friends all left, Harlot and Chayat were tucked up soundly in another room, so Harlot could attempt to get a good night's sleep in peace. After sharing many old photographs and building the frames of each other's history, as is the way in relationships, Sable and I eventually decided in the very small hours that we should ascend to bed also...

I had my evening wash and continued to the bedroom where I found Sable grinning inanely and acting very suspicious... I did mention this but he simply responded it was because we were going to be snuggling up naked together! He often makes little comments like this, that give me a frisson of pleasure, like little happy bubbles rising and popping in my heart, reminding me of the active and not static nature of our feelings for each other.

I quickly stripped off for him, to which I could physically see his pleasure... and I jumped into bed next to him. The room was quite cold, as we rely on our fires to warm the Manor we live in, and the bedroom had been left unattended all day. However, luckily we do enjoy and maintain close physical contact so the heat rapidly returns...

We quickly moved into a more relaxed mode of cuddling, stroking and enjoying being naked together, our hands and fingers roaming just as much as our tongues were placed deep into each others mouths, and riding over each others faces and necks.

He wanted me and made it very clear. I wanted him too. I always do, at any time of the day or night.. wherever he wishes to have me.

He uttered one statement to me... 'but... we shouldn't...' and I instantly understood. We shouldn't. It's so wrong. He will get into trouble. I was trying to seduce him, make him weak, get him to sleep with me. The deliciously cruel, taunting, saucy wanton young tart trying to lure him into sex with her, to have her wicked way with him, to possibly use it against him with whichever authority. 

A hint of an age difference. A hint of his authority over me in some field... school, college? He does like me in the uniforms...

Him in the professional capacity. Me just so young, inexperienced, never having experienced a man before, a cock. Always wanting. A first crush. So new and eager to be trained, taught, moulded into whatever he wills. But I have to seduce him...

I tell him all this. I want him so much. I've been dreaming of him you see. Every night, as I touch my forbidden areas, the naughty parts of me that ache and throb with a need I cannot understand, a new feeling to my youthful body, so charged with an urgent insistent desire, and it's all for him. Dreaming that it is his flesh that touches me there, first fingers then something altogether more dangerous, more naughty. That it is his erotic juices upon my tongue, instead of merely my wet fingers that I suck on as I sleep, dreaming that he is coating my tongue and throat instead, that the remnant taste in my mouth is of his lust that he has spilled into me...

With this, he utters an animalistic growl and grabs my hair, having wavered and pleaded that 'we shouldn't', for too long now. My head forced lower. I'm asked if I trust him. I say, yes. Of course. I'll do whatever you want. Teach me. I won't tell anyone. I promise.

His cock is straining and bouncing... wanting my mouth. My tongue reaches out for that first warm, taste, that need that fills my nerve endings, from the first touch of my lips against his glistening head to when I have him fully in my mouth and fucking against my throat, 1fucking it ragged.

It is so big. I tell him this. He agrees, yet mercilessly continues. 

My mouth struggles to take him yet I continue. I make out like it's my first time, to please him. I am sucking yet not too hard... and this teasing just creates more tension, more desire, we are both audibly yearning. I suck on him. Suck, suck, suck. He drags me up and flips me over.....

My legs spread apart. Yet again asked if I trust him. Yes. But... a thought. Will you hurt me? No, of course not, he says with a small smile. Will you be gentle? Yes... I'll be gentle, he says. 

His eyes betray him. I'm glad.

Then... his fingers. Spreading my profuse wetness from my need over my arse. Waiting and wanting. Him, pressing at me. Wanting me there. NO.. no. Small voice. Please. It's not right, it's.... dirty. It's all new to me. Please. Have mercy.

Shhhhh.... he hushes me. Soft, soft, tender kisses to my ear, even whilst his cock is still placed directly at my entrance while he is over me like the sexual predator he is. I calm slightly. 

He hands me something. To help, he says. I look. I have a small, powerful toy. It's easy to use. It's perfect. I crouch, first on hands and knees with him behind, then resting completely on the side of my face, hair messed and in ravish mode about me, and on my shoulders, my arms and hands underneath me, positioning the small tool to my clit, causing more outpouring of my want, and opening me up like petals in sunlight.

He enters me then... just the head to start with. I still jolt. He takes me some more. Bit by bit, he enters me. The slowness, compared to normal, just notches up the tension a thousand-fold. He knows this. He knows all this and uses it.

Then... he slides in with ease. Completely. I moan, a low guttral, animal, catlike wail of want and satisfaction all at once in a beautiful oxymoronic poem.

We continue like this for a while. His hand on my hair, taking me, ravaging me as he wills. 

I need to cum. I really must, must orgasm.

I raise up, I need to be up, off my shoulders, I need to straighten. He brings his arm round my front, and in a practised move without even leaving me once he tilts me up, still inside me perfectly. Other hand moves to the base of my spine, pushing me both down, and out, at the same time, keeping him in prime deep position and jutting out my breasts, making me feel a spectacle, his toy, used for his purposes and desires. I'm at the edge... so close...

I am losing myself on this ocean of electrifying vision, the sensations crackle across the surface of my skin and all other conscious thought is gone, nothing else exists but the feelings... the feelings, my god they are so strong, like nothing else. He is fucking me hard now, so so violently taking me... his hand around my waist pushing me down onto him, his other creeps up and wrenches me firmly by the neck as if I were an actual kitten taken by the scruff... my head falls back onto him. He presses his hand tighter still.. my air... it cuts off. I feel nothing but him and the need. He is one with me and we are in unison. Sex was invented for us, for this moment. It is purely magical. Like nothing before. 

I cum with a loud, wailing scream... at the very split second that he releases into me too, pumping his huge load directly to my core, emptying his want into his receptacle, his vessel, his whore-kitten.

I think I fainted at that point.

When I am conscious again I am next to him. 

He is holding me. He asks me things. There are words... I used to understand them. I am struggling, I have no words. I cannot form anything coherent. I cannot even move. I send the signal to my leg to move and it goes into a small frenzy then gives up. Breathless, speechless and paralysed, barely conscious. The best orgasm I ever had, the most love I've ever felt and the most intense sensational spectacle of a sexual experience I have been a part of.

The first words I can say? I love you. He is amused that I cannot speak. This feels like nothing for him, that he can do this. That he can reduce me to this. I cannot quite conceive that he thinks this is normal, how normal people have sex. This is something amazing.

Second thing I can say? I can't actually move. This amuses him greatly. Hmmm I sense I made a mistake in that admission; or did I? ~smiles~

I feel him moving about me. There cannot possibly be more. He is cleaning himself now, all fresh and new. He is behind me spooning me, ahhh so comforting. Then... his hands between my legs, delving into that puddle of post-coital wetness, finding and feeling me. Then his cock, hard again, entering me. But.. but.... I can't move!

I know, he whispers in my ear. I'm taking advantage of you. And you love it too, don't you, you little whore. He knows I do.

He continues like this for a while, contenting himself with violating my worn out, paralysed and sex ridden and filled body, literally using me like a toy, a ragdoll for his own pleasure, benefit and need. 

Then the final, delicious, whispered reminder: just keep in mind...

... I've now had every one of your holes tonight and I can have them at any time I choose and there's nothing you can do to stop me...

I melt....

He takes me there once again. I can finally move slightly, enough to gently curl my fingers around him as his cock nestles inside my pussy, as he wraps himself around me, and we fall asleep like that, completely sated, fulfilled, satisfied, understood, wrong in all the right ways, complete deviant perfection together.



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