Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Proudly bearing the marks of life...

Got this comment on one of my Facebook photos yesterday which made me laugh. From a cosmetic surgeon, funnily enough.

hi baby best figure

but baby u have lots of stretch marks get them treated u will be just yummy

My reply?

Ill be yummy after I get the stretch marks removed? Yes I have stretch marks. Im a real woman, Ive had a baby - and a life. Im proud of the fact Im real, not some cut to pieces, reinjected, fake tanned out of all human skin tone range, photo shopped, air brushed, pop candy, lad mag star wanna be. Im me, Im a mum, Im real, this is how I look in real life. I dont remove my hair/teeth/tits any other part of my body when I get into bed, I still look like who I am. Don't like it? Get a blow up doll.


How sad that a woman can't be just pale, with yes her marks from life, having lived. I dont think my stretch marks are excessive but I have had two pregnancies. Things happened in my life before the pregnancies that has led to other faded marks. I'm not a victim in life, Im a soldier.

I won't have a tummy tuck or a boob job, but then the only thing silicone about me when I do get (even!) older will be half the contents of my toy box.


  1. Damn right, my scars, stretch marks are just me, why anyone would find them a turn off is beyond me.

  2. Wonderful post hun, fab! Good on you! *hugs*
    Morbidia x x x


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