Wednesday, 9 June 2010

In My Head - lesbian erotica by the delicious Maddyke

This hot and sexy story was written for me by the lovely Maddyke... she has given me reproduction rights so that I could share it with my lovely blog angels...


In My Head

After watching Loving Annabelle, with all the tension building up, I stop playing with your hair, and take your hand and place it on my breast, making you gently squeeze my nipple. I then lead your hand up to my mouth where I begin to lick around your finger, taking it in my mouth, and flicking my tongue over the top of it. I tease you like this for a little while, making you want me, imagining my tongue is in other places licking and flicking around.

I then pull you on top of me, grabbing your ass, pulling you into my groin, whilst we are moving together I kiss your neck, softly at first, then with a little more force, my breath getting heavier, our thrusts getting more intense. I kiss your soft lips, gently biting your bottom lip, then kissing it better, our tongues meeting, my clit starts tingling and throbbing hard, we are lost in such a delicious kiss, but our thrusting into each other begins to get more intense still.

I push you up, and remove your top I kiss your stomach, working my way up to your chest. Now your breath is getting heavier and you remove your bra. The sight of your breasts take my breath away, and I gush. I'm really wanting you so badly now. You push yourself closer, and place your breasts against my mouth, pulling away as I go to lick your nipples, teasing me. I can't help myself, and I grab you, pull you into me, and I have to take your nipple in my mouth and roll my tongue around your now erect nipples...
You push me back down, and place your hand around my neck. "Not yet," you tell me. You want to tease me some more. You drape your beautiful hair over my body, making my skin instantly goose bump, you then sit astride me, and slowly unzip your trousers, showing just the top of your knickers, which makes my insides tingle. Your eyes are staring straight into mine, you lean in to kiss me, but once again you tease, you go to my neck and give it a quick bite, and claw your hands up my back. My head falls back, and my eyes roll to the back of my head. You grab my hair, pull my head back up, and stare into my wanting eyes once again, you can see how much I want to feel your kiss, you then lean in and give me the most tender kiss I have ever felt, your lips are so soft, and your tongue dances with mine.

We stop kissing and you tell me you want me to wear the Feeldoe. I pull you into me again, and slip off your trousers and knickers, I gasp at the sight of your beautiful body, I caress your back and kiss your stomach, I can now smell your sweet scent. I grab the Feeldoe and put it inside me, your eyes light up, you've been wanting to feel me fuck you with this mighty toy for ages now. I pull you on top of me, your legs astride, and you gently ease yourself onto the feeldoe. I can feel every move you make against the feeldoe inside of me, this makes me even wetter than before, we gaze into each others eyes, and embrace, kissing each other again, me thrusting upwards, and you pushing downwards, it feels so good, you riding me.

I reach over to your clit, and circle my thumb around it giving you such intense feelings, finally being fucked by me, just as you had longed for. Your movements become a lot quicker, and harder, I bring you so close to the edge, but I slow things down, I want you to cum so much, but I want to cum at the same time. As we continue, I begin to feel myself building up, so I once again circle your clit with my thumb, you lean backwards, I grab your breast with my other hand, and caress it, my grasp getting firmer, the closer I get to the edge. You thrust yourself forward and kiss me, putting your tongue in deep, our fucking is more intense, and then we both cum... I can feel you tensing and grasping the feeldoe inside of me. You look at me with the biggest smile on your face. I just hope that it felt as good as you imagined it was going to. It sure did for me.

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  1. Thank you for posting my story :D xxx Hope you enjoyed it ;-)


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