Tuesday, 11 May 2010

LELO Mona & Mia - Invest in your Pleasure!

I was lucky enough to recently become the proud owner of not just one, but two beautiful vibrators from the luxurious LELO range.

The LELO Mona is a vaginal vibrator, while the LELO Mia is a bullet style vibrator. Both are rechargeable, making them the perfect investment for your toy collection.

LELO are a luxury sex toy brand and manufacturer from Sweden. Their philosophy is this:

'Design and engineering of the highest quality are always a given with LELO products, because LELO's truest passion is for giving pleasure.'

A reassuring philosophy indeed. But do the products live up to the hype? Thousands of women must agree, as the LELO products are amongst the top sought after sex life accessories and toys, constantly outperforming competitors in the sales and feedback charts.


This beautiful life lasting vibrator is precision engineered to stimulate your g-spot as well as using its curves to fill and thrill you to a glorious climax every time. The point can be used for clit stimulation as well, and there are 6 modes of varying vibrations! I like my vibes fast but on the slower settings you can relax and enjoy as the vibes travel from the sleek slender part right out to the girth of the widest part filling you, to the tip against your g-spot deep inside. Perfect.

The curves are described as ergonomic, which means that the human shape has been taken into account in the design of this vibrator, and this wonderfully crafted piece of sexy engineering will feel insanely delicious every time you use it.

Charge for 2 hours to get 4 hours activity (constant). The Mona arrives in a deluxe box, with a satin drawstring top bag inside for storing your beautiful new toy. A small booklet and the wall charger completes your investment.

This is the perfect vibrator for all those girls who really value their orgasm and deserve only the very best in top quality luxury. Guaranteed to last, the LELO Mona will please you time and again.


The LELO Mia is a  lipstick style vibrator, slightly larger than your traditional bullet vibe sex toy.

The charge is the same as the Mona, so charging for 2 hours will give you 4 hours use. It also arrives in your deluxe gift box with a small satin drawstring top bag to store your beautiful small vibrator in.

I absolutely love the fact that you charge this toy via USB. So anyone with a PC or even out and about with your laptop, travelling, you always have a way to charge your orgasmic luxury bullet too! Very high flying stuff for that modern jet setting woman! Orgasms on the go, darling.

If you do not have a USB port, or simply want an alternative way to charge, then USB charging wires and wall plug adapters are readily and cheaply available from electronic suppliers and ebay.

The plus and minus signs on the sides are the function buttons and have four different vibration settings, from low through medium to high, depending on your mood.

The Mia is made of rigid plastic type material, body safe, and you can use waterbased lubes with this vibrator. It fits easily into a handbag when you are travelling around, making it wonderfully portable and is discreet enough to leave about without anyone knowing what it is.

Careful where you do leave it however, for as soon as people try it out they will want it for themselves!

I am so impressed with my Mia that it is now my favourite bullet/lipstick style vibrator in my extensive collection.

I am another convert to the LELO toy brigade, I heard about LELO from my friends who also rave about them. Once you have a LELO you never go back!

Make sure you check out the full LELO range of luxury toys at Sextoys today... which one will you choose?


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