Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Busy Buzzy Sexy Saucy

Hello beautiful sexy lovelies :)

I am a lil busy worker bee lately! Just an apology really for not blogging all that much but I have been spending more and more time becoming engrossed in all things either Sapphic (hurrah for lesbianism) and/or Sextoys!

Chatting at The Vibe, hanging at the Sextoys Facebook page and Twitter, talking to all the lovely Vibe forum members and discussing orgasms.

I am also moving very shortly so I have been rushed off my feet with preparations for this, and a new job thrown into the mix!

Hope to have more regular posts for you very shortly! In the meantime feel free to comment about any spankings you may wish to dole out.

Lots of sexy love and orgasms ...




  1. Quite frankly my dear little lady, you have been far too busy and far too distracted to even deserve a spanking....and so I shall just leave you with the thought of cuffs and gags and spankers and what a naughty bad girl you've been....xx

  2. That picture (drool) brings to mind a certain leather something.... how sweet those cheeks would look with slut emblazened on them.....;) xx

  3. *eeeps!* See this is what happens when I talk to you beautifuls... I get far too distracted to do anything ... but melt everywhere...


  4. beautiful.. just beautiful my dear.. I would love to have U over my lap squeeling :)


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