Friday, 29 April 2011

Sextoys HQ meets KD Grace!

The other week I was lucky enough to meet the lovely and gorgeous KD Grace, most divine erotic authoress I have had the privilege to meet!

She was to arrive at Sextoys HQ 1pm 20th April... and we were all very excited. Finally, we would meet one of the foremost erotic authors in the world of hot romance, lustful liaisons and kinky adventures, bound beautifully in Xcite novels, anthologies and of course her other works.

KD Grace is the author of The Initiation of Ms Holly, which we are soon to stock at Also, I eagerly await the publication of The Pet Shop, which if the descriptions so far are anything to go by, will be her most ravishingly thrilling and decadently dirty romp yet.

The day itself was baking hot, during the surprise heatwave which struck England a few weeks back and has sadly since seemed to dissipate. I worked as usual in the morning, describing various dildos, vibrators, lubricants and other items, as well as writing up sexual tips and relationship advice for The Vibe blog. Twitter was busy as ever and colourful photos and promotions made their way to our Facebook page. It was all happening.

The day flew by and before I knew it it was KD Grace time! I mean literally before I knew it. There I was in the sunlit haze at my desk before the full side of glass window expanse and I'd settled right into the world of erotic adjectives, arousing alliteration, astonishing assonance and anal adventures (!) and had kicked off my shoes, flexing fingers between belting out romps and bedroom tales on my poor overworked keyboard.

Suddenly, a call across the office. 


'Cara! Oi wake up! *laughs* There's a lady downstairs for you?'

Crap! That time already? I stumbled out of my cherry lube filled reveries to my bare feet, and without thinking, flew down the stairs to let the lovely and famous author in. It was only when I reached the door I realised - shoes! 

Oh well. She seems very nice, hopefully she won't mind. At least I had red painted nails to match my cherry corset I picked out to wear & look pretty that day.

KD Grace's smiling face met me through the glass panelled front door and I let the amicable if still mysterious lady in. I'm so much better at seducing in writing, in person I'm self conscious, unsure and feel clumsy! I was actually nervous. We did the usual, shook hands, greeted one another and she announced yes she knew it was I, that she recognised me from my pictures. 

Eeps! Oh yes all my provocative harlot style pictures online, whatever must she think! I mumbled apologies for being bare foot and blamed the hot weather. Well, I could hardly admit I just write better without shoes on - how silly would that be!

I led her into the summer light infused showroom which thankfully was tidy and presentable... displays showing a range of our products, from new Shunga and Jimmyjane to time tested favourites such as LELO, Fleshlight, Rocks Off and Spartacus. 

Rach and Ellie were in the  studio at the far end and came out to meet us. I introduced KD and was slightly relieved that I wasn't the sole focus any more, Rach and Ellie were sure to do a far better job of impressing this lovely lady! Honestly, sometimes my people skills really suck - or at least my confidence does.

I left the smiling, quietly confident (it seemed) KD Grace to Rach and Ellie to get on with the video interview, and cups of tea and coffee and laughing girly chatter - I regrettably had to return upstairs to the busy bustling week of pre-Easter promotions, copy writing and more. 

Later on I went down to see how things were progressing. Couldn't keep away, I am sure KD Grace cast some kind of seductive author's spell over me! Before I knew what was happening, Rach had motioned me over and I was sat next to KD on The Sofa (yes, capitals required), whilst Rach and Ellie took various pictures.  Some of them are shown on KD's blog. Thankfully, my feet aren't showing!

KD and Ellie got along famously, finding common ground (if you'll pardon the pun) in gardening anecdotes and tips to one another. I'm personally not the kind to get excited about grow bags, seedlings and sprouting shoots (or something like that) but was pleased to see and hear the excited chatter.

Before too long it was unfortunately time to say goodbye. We sadly had to let KD Grace escape the clutches of Sextoys HQ and the allure of cherry lube, leather restraints, a warehouse full of erotic fiction and all manner of buzz-tastic components; she had a train to catch and an evening filled with hot men (I think I got that right).

I really enjoyed meeting KD Grace - she has a gorgeous, addictive and seductive nature as well as a fantastic sense of humour. Her writing is descriptive, imaginative, colourful, talented and seriously sexy - you would be a fool to miss out on her sheet-clenching page turners. 

The video will soon air at The Vibe TV, I'll be sure to link you... until then, catch the genius of KD Grace in her novels and writings, information on which you can find at her site

Love you KD! Come back soon!


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  1. Wow! Cara!

    I keep having to look around the room to see if maybe there is another, more sexy, charming K D Grace you must have met, rather than the one who writes in her ratty track suit and sloppy slippers:) Had a totally fabulous time with all of the lovely folks at Sextoys HQ! I very much hope to be invited back.

    Thanks to all of you for a fab afternoon!

    K D Grace xx


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