Sunday, 20 March 2011

Post PJ Party & Updates from the Manor

This past week has been much fun again with the run up to Comic Relief/Red Nose Day and the Sextoys HQ Pyjama Party. Yes, Pyjama not PJ-Yama - what a giggle over that little misspelling incident! Had Sable singing his own made up 'PJ-Yama' song at me for days, giggling away thinking it was hilarious. Finally fixed it though. Doh! 

The team hit the £1000 sponsorship target on the Red Nose Day fundraising site by the end of Friday. We all celebrated with some wine donated by 'evil boss'. Well I say all, Sable doesn't really drink, Chayat doesn't drink, Harlot can't drink cos of her tummy recovery... so it was the office girls and me slowly getting more giggly and tipsy from 2pm onwards.

Minnie came round Friday evening too, so more wine was imbibed, the bottle I stole from work (shock horror) and a lovely box of Pinot G he brought round. Saturday morning was very painful, not only for me with my hangover but for minnie what with the rubber whip lashing I'd doled out the previous evening, tongue lashings making him cry on his knees and twisted nipples as a late birthday present. It was his birthday on St Patrick's Day.

Saturday morning the boys (Sable & Chayat) went to ballet (long story - well ok not so long but I like that sentence as it is so it's staying) - and I was woken up with a gorgeous breakfast in bed by the gorgeous Harlot

Snuggles and cuddles later, we were caught in the act (ooh-la-la) by a VERY grinny indeed Sable. Who then proceeded to pounce us with much happiness. minnie pottered around the house tidying and being useful, as is only right.

The rest of the day was busy, once Harlot and I had bathed together and gotten ready - with the arrival of our new 'poly' sofa. Well I say poly, it's a corner sofa but sooooo comfortable and perfect for fitting the four of us on for snuggles and cuddles. We'd previously had two leather sofas which were not only cold to the touch but also had the disadvantage of a separation effect... either all squished up side by side or two couples over the two sofas. We much prefer our new one and pics will soon follow on Facebook, probably!

I went for a lovely stroll around the grounds, I don't usually get to make the most of the enormous amount of land we have - in fact it's so easy to forget we have so much along with the Manor! It was a lovely sunshiney day so I went out and took pics of the 'garden', the orchard, the greenhouse, the veg patch, chickens, beehives, blackberry bushes, willow tree, secret garden and pool. ~sigh~ we really are so lucky. You can see the pics on my Facebook page.

Once the poly sofa was safely installed, Harlot and I left Sable, Chayat and the others in the house to tidy up and minnie was called upon to act chauffeur for a girly shopping day. Harlot and I wanted to check out certain dresses and accompaniments in the nearby town of Letchworth so off we went - and thoroughly enjoyed a day of spending, girly giggles, sparklies and shinies galore. 

We got home about 5pm and Harlot was heading off out to meet her own slave in London - to be wined and dined before going back to his to abuse him as is only right, and fun. 

Chayat had his friend over and they were involved in computer games - tucked away doing boy things, Sable, minnie and I enjoyed some snacks and cuddles and curled up to watch Saturday night TV (various car crash compulsive yet awful viewing, something with Ant and Dec then Paddy McGuinness) then a film afterwards called The Happening which was a bit icky for me, but still fun.

Woke up this morning after a poorly slept night - Sable isn't very well at all! Shivering the whole night through, despite the heater being on full, him usually always being hot, and me cuddling up to him. He did have a touch of tonsillitis last week so we think maybe the ends of that combined with some other bug. It's gone 5.30pm on Sunday evening now and he hasn't left bed, just been curled up dozing round a hot water bottle with me looking after him and worrying. 

Harlot got back around 3, she stayed out last night as it was too late to get home. It's Chayat's birthday today so I think they are off out somewhere later as a treat for him.

... and it's Monday again tomorrow, the merry go round starts again! The weeks, months, year is flying past. Want to get Christmas presents sorted, and before you all scream in dismay, I do have a lot of people to buy for and I'm not minted. Thinking of trying to sort a person a month or two people - so I can present a lovely Christmas package at the end of the year instead of the usual late November panicky rush.

Well that's the plan anyways.

Easter's up before that and all the usual work with promotions etc at Sextoys HQ - I expect it will be rabbits and love eggs galore! Need to get my thinking cap on. At home, we should organise an egg hunt, hopefully the weather will stay nice and we can make the most of the acres outside to give the kids a really good runaround during it.

Harlot's birthday on the 4th April but what to get? Difficult one. She likes Bpal, clothes and horses. I can only afford some of those, lol. Ooh shoes too I guess. Will have to rack my brain - and bank account- this very full year of people and events is going to bankrupt me I swear!

Hope you've enjoyed the update post - will try to write some of the more erotic anecdotes separately... I need to flex those creatively arousing muscles!

til next time...



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