Saturday, 26 February 2011

Update: Behind the scenes at HQ & The Manor

So what have I been up to lately? Well life is busier than ever, with working at Sextoys HQ, writing about fun toys, sex advice, catching up with all the lovelies at The Vibe and sorting out various projects. 

Our office is open plan now and I'm enjoying sitting on my desk in the centre of the office, with Claire opposite (trade), Danielle (general buyer & dropship), the new and excitable Emma (trade & dropship assistant) and our lovely Chayat (accounts). Sitting right next to me is the gorgeous Rach Star (I know, how lucky am I!) - ray of sunshine happiness over the team.

Behind me I have the customer services desk, with Captain Carlos heading up the team (lol), Rox & Anne on the busy phones and dealing with any returns, enquiries, passing over trade, dropship and my affiliate enquiries during the day.

To the other side of my desk is the Directors area, with 'evil boss/bad cop' Dean, 'lovely boss/good cop' Mon and Harlot sorting out video production and Graphic Design. She makes all the lovely banners you see here and at - well, all over the Net 1on1 family of sites and shops! 

Tucked away in a dusty corner we have the IT department, aka Darren. Poor bloke. Sitting there and all he wants to do is get on with his coding and development but no, every two seconds it's, 'Darren! It's not working!' 'Darren! It's gone slow again!' 'Darren! What happens if I... oops... I think I broke it...' 

Must have the patience of a saint lol...

Every so often we see Dan who comes in to give Darren a hand (ooh-er) -they get on so well it's a proper geek-ville and techy fest. How much of the conversation and frenzied MSN'ing is about work and how much is about Minecraft though, is a different matter, lol. We just feed them 'tech support' tea and back away slowly.

 Then we have Tony (the Toymaker). Big Tone. He's HUGE! As in tall, before you start. Quite amusing really when he presents a new toy in production to the team and it's a feminine, slim, sleek device or bullet and he's somehow got hold of it in his HUGE hands. Makes me giggle anyway. Then fisting passes through my mind and I give myself a headache... lol. Tony comes in whenever he can but is usually on travels, discovering the new sights, sounds and, well, hopefully not smells, of new sex toys all over the world. 

My week is so busy it's non-stop but I love it, better to be busy than clock watching and there's certainly no time for that at HQ! Monday it's catch up after the weekend, then there's the daily competitions, community chat, blog writing... projects taking me through Tuesday too. 

Wednesday I start writing my affiliate newsletter that gets sent to all our lovely Paid on Results and White Label/1on1 affiliates, and posted to the 1on1 affiliates site. Thursday I code it and Friday... whew, Friday is insanely busy. 

New offers, competitions ending, the affiliate newsletter to put up to 1on1 affiliates, graphics to be changed over everywhere, the offer video, new products, so much! Friday flashes by so quickly and before I know it it's time to head off for a well deserved glass or three of chilled white.

It was a fun week this week especially. Rach came in as usual on Thursday to do her day of filming (a whole 10 videos in one day, under the direction of Video Producer Harlot, amazing!) and one of the items chosen for a video demo was one of my personal favourites I actually own, the Fetish Fantasy Strait Jacket. Rach needed a willing victim (um, volunteer) to display the Strait Jacket in the video, so before I knew it, she'd crept up on me from behind, and captured me. 

There I was just minding my own business writing a lovely blog post on cherry lube or somesuch, when her nimble fingers had me gagged, hooded and dragged from the office in under 30 seconds flat.

Perhaps I'm remembering it wrong, I don't know. *winks*

Aaaaanyway. I ended up in the studio, heels off, with Rach fitting me into the strait jacket. Ooh, this is fun, I'm thinking. I love my job. She can fit me up any day, hur hur. I think she was enjoying dragging me round by the collar D ring a little too much though, lol. That woman has a Mistress streak, I'm telling you! 

Video was wrapped up all too quickly and I was sent off to writer's corner once more. Now what to write about.... ooh how about this lovely new Sharon Sloane Latex black out hood? Just you know,  your every day run of the mill item to write a product description for. I'm so glad I don't work for Currys or Argos or somewhere, I'd never muster the same enthusiasm writing about toasters or, I don't know, multi sockets or something. 

The Strait Jacket experience had left me with a naughty taste in my mouth, and other places. Dave was sat next to me (he's the warehouse manager) doing some accounting or paperwork or something [serious face] very official and important. He needed a fun injection.... ~giggle~

'Hey Dave!'

[warily] 'Yeah....?' 

'You're up for most things, right?'

[suspicious now] 'I guess so.... hang on, wait. Why..?'

[holds up Latex hood box] 'Am writing about this.' [evil grin] 'Need someone to fit it to so I can see you know, how it works and stuff....' [trails off into puppy eyes look]

[rolls eyes in resignation] 'oh go on then if you must.....'


Cue me jumping up and ramming it on his head before he changed his mind. Was a bit tricky to get all his long hair in but luckily I was determined enough so I got it all rammed in (determination and ramming both feature heavily in my life, lol)

I possibly didn't then have to take pictures and lead him out onto the balcony for all his warehouse staff to see, point and laugh, but you know. Make the most of every occasion and all that. 

For some reason it fell quiet when I announced it was the new official uniform....

That's the weekly round up at HQ - back at The Manor it's getting there with the unpacking, yes we're STILL unpacking from the move last August. The study looks fab now, with our very own PC network and all our machines over a few desks in there, the snake tank, the book cases, Harlot on her Mac, me on my PC, Darren on both laptop and PC and Chayat on his computer playing something loud and colourful with a weird ball mouse device. 

In the lounge last night we cleaned out and set up the new fish tank we collected off Freecycle. Would have been about £800 to buy new so Harlot and Chayat were especially pleased. Harlot's dad used to keep fish apparently. They're so relaxing and pretty. The tank itself looks like furniture, a cabinet with built in tank above, heated and lit. All the equipment with it too, aerator, decorations, gravel, wires, heater etc. Now all we needs is the fish! Going to be a really nice feature.

Hey we needed more pets anyway, all we have is Jet the mad black lab, about 4 or 5 cats (lost count), a snake, a guinea pig, gerbils (well, one now, one became cat food unfortunately) what else, oh we did have chinchillas but they moved on. Phew! Feel like Nurse Dolittle lol

It's nice to grab those times when we can all sit together and catch a film and cuddle, big love pile barely clothed, nice and toasty and comfortable, not having to think much just enjoying the contentment. 

Right- must dash off and shower, then tidy the atrocious state the bedroom has gotten into, what with the mountains of clothes, bottles, glasses, plates, sex toys, lube, make up, shoes...

Know any good maids? I can provide the uniform and everything! 

Til next time be good! 

(and if you can't be good be bad with style ;)



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