Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Paid on Results - How to add your affiliate banners & deep links!

As Affiliate Manager at Sextoys.co.uk, people keep asking me how to add our lovely banners and also trackable deep links to their blog. It will be slightly different if you have a Wordpress blog, but this morning I answered the question to a lovely lady who also uses Blogger and I decided to post my reply here too in case anyone else needs help in this area!

I have tried to make the steps as simple and easy to understand as possible.

* In your blog, go to your 'dashboard' then somewhere near your name and picture, click 'design'
* On that page somewhere you can click 'add a gadget'
* On that page choose 'HTML/Java script' (click the + sign)
* That brings up a box where you can stick in a descriptive title for your banners or whatever you put in the HTML box, and the main bit of the box.
* On Paid on Results, there is a link on the side menu, for 'Merchants', and underneath that, 'Merchants Joined'. Click that...
* Find us on that list, Sextoys.co.uk
* Click the box next to us which says 'Creative'
* Find a banner you want by choosing from the various categories/styles/sizes
* When you find a banner you want, click 'Get HTML code'
* Copy this code and paste it in the main bit of that box you opened back on blogger
* Click 'save'
* The new box with your banner in is now on that 'design' page on Blogger. You can click it to drag and drop it where you want on your blog.
* You can put many banners together in this way, in a HTML box, just copy and paste a banner HTML code, then 'enter' and new line, and paste another, as many as you can fit. 
* To get banners in different places, simply make a new HTML/Java script box and drag that where you want it on that 'design' page. 

Have fun adding banners, hope this helps!

PS To 'deep link' to one of our products, or a page on Sextoys.co.uk (deep linking is where you know when you normally link to something when you type by using the hyperlink button, well deep linking is not just using our normal url address of a page, like:


but instead it will be a special link so when people click it, paid on results knows they have clicked YOUR special affiliate link, like so: (this is mine for this page)


You can see that link has the Paid on Results tracking info in it, with my affiliate ID 21356, so if people click through it and buy anything, I will get 20% commission from any sales! W00t. 

(there is info on Paid on Results explaining about the fact people can then buy anything at our site, not necessarily the product they clicked through for, and you will still get 20% of any sales. This is called referring sales and the affiliate term for making cash of these is conversions or converting)

Note: You an always use an url shortening service, like bit.ly, to shorten this url (link) to use on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else ;) Free advertising and free money, baby!

In order to get these 'deep links' to any of our Sextoys.co.uk pages, you need to click the 'Deep Link Creator' on the left hand side menu on Paid on Results.

There is a tool you can attach to your internet browser, called a 'Deep Link Generator', which means you can simply and easily turn any Sextoys.co.uk page into your special affiliate link, simply by clicking this button on your internet browser while viewing any page, a pop up will appear with your special deep link on it, ready to use! It's cool :P

Hope this helps, everyone!

Lots of love, 


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