Monday, 31 May 2010

Where have I been? Chaotic Cara Update

Well it's been such a long time since my last blog post! When I started this blog I was blogging every day, sometimes up to a few times a day. Suddenly life has shifted for me slightly and my attentions have been elsewhere, although my blog and the blogging community have been ever present in my mind.

So, what have I been up to? Well as you can see from my blog, I love sex toys. Not just sex toys, but Sextoys. I have been helping to promote them for a while now, including in depth research (haha) and obviously talking to the beautiful people out there about my experiences and findings. Hard life, huh? 

I visited Sextoys HQ and the lovely team a few weeks back and since that time it has become apparent that 1) I would love to join the team and help wherever and as much as possible with moving the company forwards and 2) they are willing to see past the demanding, pedantic Diva-esque Domme Queen thing and let me on board as long as I mind my Ps & Qs (no megaphone or pointy/spanky implements to be used on the team - not without consent or for a good product testing reason anyway :P)

The lovely Sextoys boss lady known as Harlot at The Vibe (Sextoys community) has been my point of contact there, so friendly and helpful and ... rawr sexy! We have become good friends and as I write this, I am sat in her spare room waiting to help out at Sextoys HQ tomorrow and Wednesday. 

I will be working at Sextoys from the beginning of July... which means a major life move for not only me, but my family too. The work involved in shifting from the south coast of England to a Luton base has meant restless nights, lack of sleep, stress, worry, busy times and unfortunately not as much close contact with my wonderful patient friends and blog angels as I would like. I apologise for this, I have felt awful about it but now at least you know the reasons why. 

To be honest I just want to start work (for 'work', read 'fun at Sextoys HQ') tomorrow... wait, that's a lie. I wanted to start in the office as soon as I thought there may be an opportunity, before that even! The delay is due to such bureaucratic red tape reasons such as giving notice at the house we reside at now, as well as my partner's current work. I also need to find schools, modes of transport, childcare... not to mention financing the move and packing up a 3 bedroom house (and full loft) in the space of a few short weeks. Whinge, whinge.

So yes, busy stressful times. 

We arranged to stay overnight in Luton once again (We have visited a few times to see the area and of course get to know the fantastic Sextoys team) this Saturday just gone. We would arrive 8am as my partner had secured an interview with a local company that deals with his area of expertise. Also, we had some house viewings scheduled for the afternoon. Harlot kindly invited us to a BBQ that evening to make the most of the time we had together.

 So we had the plans all arranged. Then, forgetting that Monday (today) was a Bank Holiday, I offered to join the Sextoys team at HQ for three days, Monday to Wednesday and make a long stay out of it. Harlot very kindly agreed to let me stay over at her house once my partner had returned on Sunday. She even went so far as to put up with me when we both realised Monday was a Bank Holiday! Doh! I mean who makes Bank Holidays anyway right? We have sex toys to work (have fun) with, people! 

It's been a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Saturday, my partner got the job after a mere 20 minute interview, then in the afternoon we signed for a new home we will rent which is close to Sextoys HQ. Feeling so very relieved at having those important details sorted out!

Saturday evening was spent enjoying much fun, music and not just a little alcohol with Harlot, her family & friends. An entire assortment of musical instruments were produced and much noise was made. We all thought it sounded great anyway. Sunday was spent recovering from... well obviously just the noise levels. That's the only possible reason our heads hurt a tiny bit. *innocent face* I will have to write a seperate blog post about the sexy events of that night...

So here I am Monday, with Harlot & family, enjoying some chill out time before the big venture to Sextoys HQ in the morning. It's all so very exciting what with the plans for the brand new community and the new blog going live. The offers recently have been outstanding and it's brilliant to really believe in what you are telling people, knowing the workings behind the scenes and that there aren't any dark corners or skeletons in closets that people don't know about. It's a very open company, you can contact them and ask any questions, any time. I just couldn't work anywhere which felt sleazy, deceptive or just wrong... my moral code wouldn't allow it. Probably why I come across as a bit shouty sometimes but when I do really believe in something I dedicate myself to it with a passion, that energy and enthusiasm which spurs on my creative side overflows and leaks out to those around me.

And now I had better go before I start sounding too pervacious on this innocent update post... I will be back with the erotic ramblings of a sex toy addicted lesbian very soon though so don't worry! 

Until next time blog angels 



  1. How long before you actually own SexToys? LOL.
    All the very best for your new life. XXX

  2. Lol thank you.... you will get me in trouble before I start!

  3. ooh sounds like you madam are a VERY busy bee! glad everything's going well though and i hope to be hearing about lots more sex toys products... and your uses for them ;) xx


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