Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sex Toys - Hot off the Sheets!

What's hot off the sheets? I hear you ask. Well... the answer is me. Hot from sexy between the sheets work! I have been so busy lately that I simply had to post to apologise for the lack of, well... posts.

I say busy with work... more like... orgasms. Yes, that is definitely it. What better thing to be distracting me and what better activity, than enjoying sensual passion with my man as well as my mountain of sex toys to test and enjoy!

I want to talk in more detail about every nuance of enjoyment I have been gleaning from my new toys, which I will be doing when I have more time to settle down, make sure you're all comfortable, and then begin.

For now, I can mention a few which have captured my interest, which would be the Rocks Off Rock Chick (great for 'rocking' G-spot action plus clitoral 'bullet style' buzzing), the luxuriously decadent Lelo Mona and Mia, a new Celebrator 'toothbrush' style clitoral vibe and an njoy Pure Wand!

Red and black bondage and punishment implements adorn the boudoir and I am pleased to add bondage tape, a 22 tail leather whip, lockable leather cuffs, plus many more spankers, paddles and crops to the more kinky side of my collection.

I recently visited the fabulous Sextoys company and met the fantastic team. Everyone was very welcoming, friendly, sincere and genuine. Very helpful with all my enthusiastic questions and natural curiosity (hey I was at a SEX TOYS company, who wouldn't be!).

For all your sexy shopping needs, take a look at the site right now. The products are top quality at the lowest prices. They even challenge you... find the same item elsewhere on a UK sex toy site, let them know ... they will beat that price! Just click the Price Match button which can be found on the product pages.

The tantalising temptress, Rach Star of Sextoys, presents the product videos. I was lucky enough to watch a few of these being filmed. She exudes a natural confidence and is so knowledgable about the products. What a fantastic job she has, a dream to many. Plus she is so gorgeous that it would be easy to hate her, if only she weren't as lovely with it!

Find Rach and her fan page on Facebook, or why not follow her on Twitter and keep up to date with all her sexy news.

So much more to tell you but I have limited time as I have guests this weekend and a lot of work to be getting on with! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, don't forget to check out your sexy bargains and offers on the Sextoys Facebook page or Twitter as well as the main site!

Until next time, stay sexy blog angels!



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