Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rocks Off: Rock Chick & Naughty Boy

Another couple of great sex toys that are found at Sextoys ... Have a read of the reviews below then go for a sexy shopping trip for your own orgasmic toys!

Rocks Off Rock Chick

Another fabulous product by the 'rocks your socks off' Rocks Off!
I was so pleased to be able to try out not just the Rock Chick, but the special RED edition, being my favourite colour too. Certainly makes a lovely change from all the pink toys out there!

The Rock Chick is a great idea for a toy, catering for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation, simultaneously.

The toy is made out of body safe silicone, which makes it extremely flexible and comfortable to use. The precision tailored tip is great for rubbing firmly against your g-spot whilst you 'rock' on the toy.

The famous Ammunition for Love RO-80mm bullet, included with this Rock Chick and forming the clit stimulation part, is famous for a reason. It is simply one of, if not THE best clitoral bullet around.

The Rock Chick is easy to clean, you can remove the bullet first if you wish but the bullet is actually waterproof. I would recommend washing the two parts separately anyway so you can dry them all entirely before refitting. The bullet simply slots in and out of the space designed for it, in the clit end of the toy.

All in all this is a great toy for any girl. If you think you've tried it all with dildos, vibes and getting a bit bored of that rabbit, you simply have to try the Rock Chick. Amazing sensations every time.

Rocks Off Naughty Boy

I got this for a male friend and then made him send me a review! His review of this great male toy/product follows below:
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I have been given a Naughty Boy Prostate Massager as a gift from a dear friend who knows I enjoy such pleasures.

It is packaged in a plastic see through box with brief instructions on the side. Taking it out of the box I examined it and saw that it is well made, my version being in a bright blue colour, though red and black are also available.

I prepared myself with a quick douche for cleanliness and then applied a generous amount of water based lube to the massager.

It slid in easily with gentle pressure and felt comfortable from the start. I have used other massagers and so I am used to the sensations, but first time users need not be put off either.

As usual, a single drop of pre-cum appeared just from putting the massager inside me.

Once inside me, I sat on a low stool and switched on the 80mm vibrating bullet that is included and fits snugly inside the massager. I could feel the vibes on both my prostate and perineum and started rocking gently forwards and backwards, as advised in the brief instructions.

Sure enough, it felt wonderful, the vibes moving up and down with the movement. Without any assistance I began to get hard but resisted the temptation to stroke myself. I wanted to see what it could do by itself.

I tried different positions, sitting upright, leaning forward and back. I got the best sensations leaning back, with my arms behind me taking the weight and thrusting gently with my hips. By now I was half erect and a few more drops of pre-cum appeared.
I was loving the sensations and kept up a steady rhythm, feeling the Naughty Boy work its magic. After 15 or 20 minutes, without warning a large amount of cum slid out.

It was amazing, fantastic! Not an orgasm, there was no spurting or spasms, just cum leaking out. I carried on for a few moments, savouring my success.
If I had been stroking myself as well it would have been an amazing climax, but I was more than satisfied with the result.
Cleaning was simply, just washing with hot soapy water, taking care not to immerse the bullet.
I can’t wait to thank my dear friend for her thoughtful gift!
Naughty Boy is now my best friend too!

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I hope these reviews have been both interesting and informative, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below, I do love hearing from everyone!

Until next time, sexies


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