Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Mach O Triple Pleasure Ring

An amazing toy for both him and her, this triple pleasure cock ring will add so much fun to your sex life!

Made from a stretchy silicone material, this is a really tactile toy. You just know it is going to feel great before you even use it.

The ring comes with batteries already put into the not one, but two bullets, so you can give it a quick rinse to get rid of any factory chemicals and use it immediately should you wish. There are also spare batteries included in the pack.

Cleaning your Mach O Triple pleasure ring is made even simpler by the fact that this toy is waterproof.

The two powerful bullets are easily and completely removable from the stretchy silicone outer case, which helps with cleaning and also changing the batteries when it comes round to it. We have used this toy a few times and no need for any battery changes yet!

The design of this ring means that the pleasure nodules on the top bullet part are against the woman's clit, as well as the vibrations from the bullet itself. The stretchy ring part fits tightly and snugly around the man's penis, holding him firm and erect, causing greater sexual stimulation.

Meanwhile the carefully crafted dually held bullet to the bottom is fixed in such a way that it will both lie buzzing against the man's balls, as well as stimulating the woman's perineum during intercourse. There are also more pleasure nodules to the end which will teasingly tickle any areas it happens to buzz against.
Both bullets are single speed (fast!) and have an easy one click on off end press switch. Both bullets (but especially the top one) could be used on their own for solo fun, possibly more so for the woman (clit stimulation) but even the man too, on the balls/perineum/frenulum. Bargain!

This is a perfect toy for couples, it brings you together, using a sex toy in a way that is not detrimental to any physical closeness of sensual intimacy but in fact heightening it and creating more passion between you.

Get your Mach O Triple Pleasure Ring from Sextoys today, you will not be disappointed!

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